Fourward – Sweetface EP


One of this reporters favorite things about the sound coming from Eatbrain has always been the epic drama of their sound. This four track power house delivers the drama that we have all come to know and love from the Eatbrain label. Sounding like a future Tarantino soundtrack these bangers are for those scenes when all hell breaks loose. When the bad things happen. You know the ones….yeah them…those ones. You got the idea.

‘Saboteur’ is the opener that is clearly the track for when they introduce that shady figure and then they flash back to all the terrible things he’s done up to that point in his career. With great warbling distortion and heavy metal guitar riff sounding samples. ‘Ability’ sounds like a good revenge scene soundtrack to me. With everyone’s favorite sinister sounding yet inspiring MC: the one and only Coppa. You can see the scene now in your head can’t ya? No? Give the track a listen…you’ll see it too. ‘Sweetface’ the EP’s namesake is full of crunchy beats and twisted synths to carry a scene that’ll stick with you in that funny yet disturbing way. Complete with bad guy crime character samples. I’m telling ya, this movie is practically writing itself from this soundtrack. Lastly and far from least is (my personal favorite) ‘Wolfe VIP’. This one is for when that one dude shows up and everything goes sideways.

Did I mention that I love the drama of Eatbrain?

Fourward have a bunch of deep dark influences going back many years into the origins of the first pioneers of Neurofunk. They are carrying those influences into the future while making their mark with their own unique sound. They have been a welcome addition to the arsenal that is the Eatbrain roster. Helping the Eatbrain label push the high quality, main stage, over the top sound that they promote and demand. Fourward has become a serious player in the quest for Neurofunk to conquer the planet. They are certain to be on regular rotation during the big festival season.