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At The Gate With Flight Pattern

The DNB Vault speaks with its own Random Movement about his newest label venture, Flight Pattern which kicked off with a massive release by Flaco, RoyGreen, Protone and Joakuim.

Judging by your “Inbox” series for us at the DNB Vault, Im sure you are not short of receiving quality releases. With that said and considering the headache and heartache that comes with it, why start a label?
For ten long years, people have been asking me why I haven’t started a label yet. I always used to say “two reasons: Not being ready for the challenge, and not having enough startup capital, or money.” I managed to get financial backing for the project, which helped boost my confidence in myself for starting this label out. I get heaps of music that never sees the light of day. What gives? I love this stuff, and I hear others loving this stuff, so why isn’t it out there for others to enjoy, outside of a dj set? I want good music in the hands of the fans, and my monthly podcasts are simply not enough. I wan’t to help promote these artists more than with just a monthly mix, and I feel like with my accomplishments within this genre of music, I could make a difference in these artists lives, which is the whole point of a record label to begin with; to promote the artists careers skyward. I’m lucky to have the support of a number of established artists as well, from them submitting music for me to release, to showing love with putting the promo’s in their dj sets and sending messages of encouragement. I have the support, and I have the momentum. Bottom line: it is time.

With your DJ moniker logo and the name on the label “Flight” Pattern, there seems to be a “Pattern” Do you have an epiphany (affinity) for winged creatures? What’s behind the name?
I have an affinity for freedom, and I think anything that can take flight is as free as you or I could ever get. Freedom of expression, of creativity, of being able to do what you want to do with your art. Taking flight is something you and I can never do without a machine of some kind, but something all of us has had at least a few dreams about. How free did it make you feel, flying above the clouds in your dreams? I’ve never heard anyone say “pretty awful”. Its one of the most freeing experiences you or I could have. I can only hope that the label is a further representation of that freedom. The hummingbird logo for my DJ career was a great choice, because it identified so distinctly with one of the original concepts behind “Random Movement”, where all the actions seem chaotic but if you look for long enough, you’ll notice patterns emerge. I think you might see where I am going with this.

Do you have any fears or concerns with pirating affecting your label?
I am only as concerned as anyone can get about those sorts of things these days. It will happen, it will happen often, and there is little I can do about it. I can’t speak on behalf of the artists involved, but I can say that I don’t like the idea of someone thinking the music I release is so cheap that it isn’t worth the dollar or so to purchase it legitimately. It’s an unfortunate trend I’ve noticed, something I refer to as the “cheapening/depreciation of the entertainment industry” in the general public’s minds. Unfortunately, I can only patch so many holes in a leaking dam. I can only hope that people out there understand what lengths an artist has gone to get their music out there; the general struggle, the sacrifice, the financial and personal investment, all of it. Take a minute and think about all of that before you go off and steal a piece of art that costs less than a BIC lighter at a gas station.

Running a label takes a village. Who else is behind the label? Graphic Designers? A&R, Label Manager etc
Well, as you would expect, I run the show, and most of it is done in house between my wife and myself. The art direction is handled by Dan Eshlemen of Akuratyde, and its safe to say he hits the nail on the head with everything he touches and knows exactly what kind of artwork would match the music and brand. Aside from the distribution company handling a lot of the promotion aspects of the label, I am lucky to have friends that deal with number crunching and marketing who are helping with the financial and social aspects of the imprint. Its more of a amoebic flock of birds in constant migration than a village.

There are still audiophiles that still buy and play vinyl. Do you plan on releasing 12’ singles, EPs or full albums on vinyl?
Yes, you can expect to see vinyl from Flight Pattern, albeit in limited runs due to the general decrease in vinyl sales of dance music genres. You will see digital releases showing up more often than the vinyl ones, simply because vinyl is a losing market at this point. It would be foolish of me to release vinyl regularly when nearly every show I’ve played has had to make special arrangements for me to have actual turntables. It’s become a big deal now when someone does a “vinyl only” set, and besides myself and a handful of others, no one is DJ’ing live with vinyl anymore when it comes to drum & bass. It seems that the people who are nabbing the wax are a specific niche of the genre, one that I avidly belong to, and I hope to continue to fulfill the dream of having a product I can hold in my hands available to the fans who demand it.

Are you honing in on a certain style?
My prerequisits are simple: Deep, uplifting, and soulful. Those three aspects are the kind of music I love, the kind of music from this genre that stands the test of time and brings back memories of what got me into drum & bass in general. I love jazz, soul, funk and roots reggae/dub sounds, and I’m looking for music with similar aspects.

Tell us about the first release?
The first release is a multi-artist single, with Flaco’s “You Should Be Here” and RoyGreen, Protone & Joakuim’s “Valley Of The Stars”, two deep, driving tunes that tug at my emotions, and hopefully yours as well. From the promotional mailer:

“We kick off the first release for Flight Pattern Records with a sexy and emotional tune from the smooth-master Flaco, partnered with a late night drifter from the deep-end-trio known as RoyGreen, Protone & Joakuim. “You Should Be Here” features Flaco’s signature big-bottom bass, sultry vocals and hi melodic quips. “Valley Of The Stars” is a track for dreamers, with heavily reverberated piano melodies, harmonics, and a fx-drenched vox that echos from the back of your mind. Truly the perfect start to the Flight Pattern imprint, with many more to come!”

For more information on Flight Pattern
Flight Pattern on Soundcloud
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Flight Pattern on Twitter

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