Flaco – Reveal/Never Understand – Influence Records


A great pair of liquid tracks from one of the more prolific American producers in the game; Flaco brings us the vibes and the mood with ‘Reveal’ and ‘Never Understand’ on Influence Records.

Flaco has been keeping himself busy during the last few years while things have been shut down. With a steady stream of releases on various labels adding to what is an already rather accomplished catalog of recordings. There is a Stunna ‘Green Room’ artist spotlight recording out there that is 3 hours of Flaco tunes that I heard several years back. That’s quite a deep catalog and I’m hard pressed to think of another American producer that can make that claim. These are two classy additions to a long list of vibes.


Rolling in with very cleanly produced snare, hi hat, kick and great moody synth line punctuated by crash symbols and vocals rising right along up to the drop with a really warm deep sub bass and the vocals really pick right up. So slick that you might slip here and the fills and background elements really keep the ears perked up. This track has a great late night, just walking into the after party feel that I really love. It’s got a really great balance of a punchy drum line and just a touch of synths going on that’s so subtle most folks may not even notice it. I myself always like to start out a lot of my sets with liquid vibes to warm things up and this one is one the ‘go to’ list for sure. Soulful all the way.

Never Understand

Again, there’s a great balance of elements going on here. The drums, synths and vocals all mesh seamlessly and just carry you along with a very rich warm sub underneath up to a drop that frankly you could miss if you weren’t paying attention. The fills, pads and sweeps are all placed incredibly well to keep the track moving; and the details here are really impressive to boot. A ride symbol that fades in and then back out is great stuff for you headphone audiophiles. The sweeps and keyboards keep adding layers and texture. All around some great mood material and I’ll say it: leaves you wanting more at the end. Flows like water. Smooth like velvet.






Influence Records