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Fineprint – From Chi 2 NY – Digital Terror Recordings

Fineprint, a name synonymous with hard-edged dance floor DnB returns to DTR territory, this time sporting not only one but two EP’s of the duo’s filthiest cuts to date. Residing in two different cities has never hindered but only enhanced the mix of their gritty cityscapes of Chicago and New York, releasing on many notable labels to exclusive self-released material. Their contributions to the DTR back catalogue stand tall as the quality Stateside beats fans have come to rely on them for. Entering the year with wealth of quality music, Fineprint present from CHI to NY in a two part EP. Let’s take a journey…

Part 1

“Shots” This is the one…THAT tune. Accompanied by a timeless hook from MC Elijiah Divine that is an instant gun finger raiser guaranteed to send ravers off the rails. The eerie intro sounds leave room for the vocal to engulf the room before you are sent head first into a complete skank out; firin’ drums, peak time synths and punishing sub bass. 

“Contaminate” Twisting and twirling breakbeats edited to float around your ears bring a sense of calm before the storm. Just as filthy as it sounds, Contaminate presents a terror inducing mid range that leaves your heart racing and your face screwed. Rolling beats accompanied with well placed conga edits and fx complete the atmosphere.

“Mash” One word: dark. A creative journey into jungle roots really shines with it’s reggae “Mash” sample adding a sublime texture to Fineprint’s skank inducing drums, signature grimy bass sounds and cinematic flair. 

“Gone Bad” Rounding out the madness on part one Gone Bad really shows the strength of experience making quality Drum and Bass between the two minds. A perfect homage to the break driven bass music of the past, you get a complete mix of oldskool and newskool sprinkled with an authentic jungle flavor. 

Stateside Drum & Bass producers Fineprint (Ian Morrison & Ian Fuller), started working together as Fineprint in 2007. After many late night sessions, some of which resulted in noise complaints and visits from the police, the two eventually put together a demo and created a Myspace page. DJ SS took notice of their track “Rebel Tek” (not the same track that was later released by G13). SS contacted them and started playing “Rebel Tek” out in live sets. It was also around this time that the two met another production duo, Canada’s Mischief & Mayhem (Josh & Jeff Chapman). Fineprint‘s beats made their way into the sets of other Toronto favorites as well such as Stickbubbly, Brockout and eventually caught the attention of Soundbully honcho Jayline, who at that time was living in Toronto. They started getting the occasional gig in Canada. It was on one of these trips that they got into the studio with Jayline and did their first collaboration with him, “Wolverine” which was featured as one of the tracks on Fineprint‘s first release on Digital Terror. They stayed on the studio grind which paid off in releases with labels Digital Terror Recordings, Smokin Riddims, Liondub International, Double Dub Digital, G13, Junction 11, Tripswitch, Biological Beats, Murda Sound, Advisory, Semtex Audio & their own imprint, Fine Beats Audio. Their tracks have received play from heavyweight DJ’s including; DJ SS, Grooverider, Jumpin Jack Frost, Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, Jaydan, Ruffstuff, Sappo, DJ Kane, Crissy Criss, Annix, Tyke, Proppa G, Rowney, Jayline & Heist. Look for upcoming tracks and releases on SmokinRiddims, DTR, Patrol The Skies Music and Fine Beats Audio.






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