False Flag Attacks!


Drawing on the classic dark and dirty sound of heads like Tech Itch, Dylan, B-Key, Photek and TeeBee, the Arizona-based artist known as False Flag blasted onto center stage last year with a massive breakbeat-driven remix of E-Sassin‘s  seminal tune “Full Circle.” The hard-hitting sound and epic vision at the core of False Flag’s remix not only secured the top slot in the in “Full Circle” Remix Competition that Sound Sphere Music was hosting, but most importantly caught the attention of E-Sassin himself who was interested in hearing more. After listening to his work in progress and giving him hands-on production advice, E-Sassin felt like two tunes in particular stood out and were ready for wider release: “Abducted” and “Burn It Down.”

With a promise to showcase more of his material soon on Sound Sphere as well as the possibility of collaborating on a few tracks in the coming year, the future continues to look brighter than ever for the up-and-coming Stateside producer False Flag who vows to keep holding it down for the rough and rugged crew.

First off, introduce yourself to the DNB Vault fam.
Well, my name is Jake Hinderliter, I’m 38 years old and I live up in Northern Arizona, in a little town called Prescott. I’ve always gravitated towards the darker side of most music, so I would say that I represent dark DNB for sure.

How did you get into dnb in the first place?
I originally started off mixing breakbeats, leaning heavily towards the more electro stuff, but I had friends into all different types of electronic music. It was actually through one of my buddies that played DNB that I was introduced to Kip Killagain and had my first proper introduction into jungle music. I was originally drawn into it by the ragga vibe it had, but I actually found myself dabbling into the dark side of DNB early on. It wasn’t until around 1999 that I actually decided to start to produce my own tunes, primarily because I wanted to play my own stuff more than anything else.

With a name like False Flag, people are going to assume you’re political. How do you see it relating to DNB which seems to be anti-establishment in nature?
I really just wanted to stimulate minds, and get people thinking. Not everything is at it seems, or as we are told it is. Even with something seemingly as simple as a genre of music, we can find it is merely a microcosm of a much bigger picture. Everything starts with us as individuals. So if you don’t like the way something is working out, do something about it. That principle remains true across all aspects of life. If you want to influence change, start with yourself first. So ultimately I think any politics that can be derived from DNB are simply just a reflection of how we are living on the larger scale.

It wasn’t your first release but your remix of “Full Circle” definitely seems to be a turning point in your career. Talk a bit about entering the remix competition and your reaction when you found out you’d won! What was your strategy going in and what do you think ended up being the “secret to your success” on that project?
Yeah man! Not only was “Full Circle” my first release outside of my Kingz of the Jungle record label that I created with my partner in crime, Kip Killagain, but it was a Sound Sphere release!!! When I entered the competition I felt very confident because I was already making music that had that “darker vibe” to it. For this remix I just sat down in a single studio session, and was able to have my remix submitted and posted online in less than 24 hours from when the competition started. So ultimately I had longer to wait to hear the outcome which was driving me insane haha. When I actually found out I had won, I was beside myself with so many emotions I couldn’t specify one in particular.

As far as a “secret to my success,” I try not to worry about what other people are making or what other people are into. So I find that helps me to say focused on what I enjoy about DNB instead of what others may enjoy about it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely want people to like my music, but if they don’t, how can I be mad? At the end of the day, just make music for yourself, and those people who vibe with it, and you will be happier for it.

A few months back E-Sassin mentioned that he was moving into a place in his career where he was looking to nurture new talent and so I’m imagining he’s sort of taken on the role of a mentor with you as well. What kind of advice and feedback was he giving you and how did that lead to your debut single on Sound Sphere?
I had actually seen a post that E-Sassin had posted on Facebook during the remix competition, that he was looking for up and coming producers who had some music to be considered for release. Of course I had like three tunes sent to him within a couple hours. One in particular grabbed his ear and that was my tune, “Abducted.” As far as the kind of feedback it came much like you would expect with any collaboration, but of course it was E-Sassin, so his feedback came very heavily weighted. With “Abducted” for example, the original version that I had sent him was very sparse on the intro, and was kind of more of like a soundscape initially. So Eric was giving me different ideas to try, and I would literally keep sending him the revisions, until we got it to a place where it sounded right. Then he had me stem out the tracks to send to him for the mix down magic!

Well, congrats on the release as those tunes are so ill! How do you see this single capping off this past year and chapter in your budding career?
This last year has been filled with the lowest of lows and the highest of highs and right now I’m still riding its peak. I definitely feel like things are just beginning, so I cant wait to see whats in store for the rest of 2016! I am currently working on a couple projects that should see the light of day sometime soon, which includes a follow up release for Sound Sphere and a couple remix projects that I will talk more about as I get closer to wrapping them up. So definitely stay tuned for my some future collaborations with E-Sassin, as well as Kip Killagain and more! Thanks a ton to DNBVault.com for the interview, maximum respect!

False Flag’s “Abducted” / “Burn It Down” is out now via Sound Sphere Recordings Music.

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