Label Spotlight: Fade Music

Fade Music

The DNB Vault sits down with Fade of Fade Music based in Kiev to talk about the history of the label, their current hit release featuring LaMeduza and what’s in store for the future of the imprint.

Please tell us about the label?
Fade Music – is home for cutting edge, futuristic music.

How did it get started?
In November will be 3 years since first label release. Originally Faded Music was a platform for my own music but after a year of releasing my own music I started to receive very good demos from other artists and I decided to push their music by releasing it on the label.

What’s your Background?
I am from Kiev, Ukraine but few months ago moved to Warsaw, Poland. It’s quite exciting times for me: new friends, new home, new country a lot of traveling, all of this is inspiring me a lot.

What are your goals/ambitions for the label?
At some point, I would like to start releasing music on vinyl.

Are you going after a particular sound?
I am always interested in signing different music, the sub-genre is not important. I am looking for quality, interesting tracks with a touch of “futuristic” sounds.

Who are some of your influences?
In real life my main influence it’s my lovely wife Julia. If we are talking about music it’s – Stephan Bodzin, Cypress Hill & Noisia.

Are you all digital?
At this moment, yes. We’ll see, maybe in future that will change.

Please tell us about your first release? Has your label changed/matured since then?
The first release was by myself. It was digital single “Raw Deal/Face Off” three years ago. Since that time we’ve had 25 releases with different artists like KAI, NotioN, Heavy1, Nitri, Fawce and many more. I’m pretty happy how it’s going so far.

With so many labels starting up why start a label? Do you feel the market is heavily saturated and competitive?
As I mentioned before, it was a platform for releasing my own music and after it evolved into something bigger. Yes; the market is pretty competitive, most attention is going to the big labels, but I am happy that we have our own circle of fans who are supporting every release.

So the response has been good then?
Yes, we are still building our core of artists but the support has been great.

Who have you gotten support from?
I could write many big names, but I’ll name a few biggest: Laurent Garnier, John B & Andy C.

What releases are out now and what else do you have coming up?
We have 5 releases scheduled for next year already. There will be some Various Artist EP’s, a solo EP by Bone and a full-length album from KAI.

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Any ‘thank you’s’ you’d like to give out?
I want to thank all those who support me and Faded Music, thanks to all Faded artists and fans. Special thanks Julia! Without her design, release concepts would not be so special.

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