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Fabio & Grooverider

Since the birth of Drum & Bass, two names have been heavily involved in the evolution from underground raves to mainstream music. Now with over 25 years under their belt, Fabio & Grooverider celebrate their accomplishments with one of the largest DNB line ups in a single night. From starting off at Rage in the 90’s to hosting one of the top shows on BBC’s Radio 1, these guys ran the gauntlet and have progressed Drum & Bass and the Junglist movement to a worldwide phenomenon.

We caught up with the Godfathers of Drum & Bass on the eve of their big celebration event.

You both pretty much began playing house in the 80’s and into the 90’s at underground shows and later at Rage. How did you go from the Acid House explosion to what we now call Drum & Bass?
We started playing house and early techno in the late 80’s, then we started playing jungle at rage so was an easy transition. Jungle blew up massivly after that.

Having been at “ground zero” or the birthing point for Drum & Bass music, was it a struggle to get party people and promoters into it in the beginning?
Rave music was always big, jungle was part of the hardcore scene so no wasnt a problem to get people into it

Do you think DNB will be as well received as it is in the UK today at any point on a global scale?
DNB is on a global scale! There are raves worldwide just as healthy as in the UK.

Today, you’re about to celebrate 25 years in the game. Did you ever think it would go this far?
Never!! We just started out loving playing music, we never thought it would go this far!

The 25 year anniversary show is jammed pack with heavy talent, many of which are also pioneers of DNB. Is this show as much for them as it is you both?
We have been around for 25 years + , this is a celebration of that. The artists on the line up are there to celebrate our milestone.

Can we expect another fantastic 25 years of Fabio & Grooverider?
Of corse!

Do you guys have any plans to tour the USA?
Fabio: I plan to go to the USA towards the end of this year.
Grooverider: I also have plans to tour the states this year or next.

What’s next for you both? Any big future plans or projects coming up?
We plan to tour our 25 year party worldwide!

Any words to the Junglist massive out there from the Grandfathers of DNB?
Many thanks for all the massive support over the years , long may it continue!

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