Evolutions Vol. 9 – Blackout Music NL


Rillium – Mindtrap
Rillium starts us off with a beautifully lush soundscape of synthesizers pounding and building in a an almost techno fashion. There is no breakdown it heads straight into a simple, yet synth filled drop almost nodding to riddim in its construction. The light drum kit leaves plenty of room for the synths to work their magic and there is a constant filter that keeps the momentum building. Finally, there is a release of tension as the tune winds down for a breakdown. The breakdown opens wide and provides only ambient space until the pounding synth from the intro comes back in to build us up once again. The second drop is changed up slightly with a bit of a tease and the tune is back to doing its damage. This is a fun and unique tune that will surely catch the trainspotters ears.

Freshney – Tucked Away
Tucked away starts off with some pitch bent synths that are almost blow horn sounding, as if a battle cry has taken place. There is a nice arpeggiator that builds in the background and takes over building the tension. Accompanied by some lush pads the arpeggiator filters out while a kick drum builds in the back. The drop releases into an absolute smasher of simplicity and filthy bass. The technical aspects of the editing and sound design on this tune are brilliant. The breakdown repeats the build of the initial drop, giving you time to recover from the chaos that your ears just took in. The second drop is a complete mind f@#k in the best way. It gives you a choppy half time approach using the same elements from the first drop. This one is going to be fun to drop and change up a set completely.

Disprove – Rotary
We start off in a completely baron soundscape with distant echoes of chords building. A single crisp high hat starts to grab your attention as the white noise in the distance sweeps in to start an arpeggiator synth that is a nod to the 90’s. With another quick sweep we are into the drop and the choppy staccato effect with the bassline absolutely takes over your brain. Timing change edits are chaotic and precise and twist your brain up in the best way. As the tune heads toward the breakdown it twists into a four on the floor stomp with the same lead elements. After a quick and sparse breakdown, the tune heads back in for more damage and as a listener you are completely ready for it. The crisp mix and master on this one really allow the bassline to come to life and tear through the speakers.

Psynchro & Ridley Dynamics – Universe
Starting right off with a bang a steady pattern of synths bangs along as an almost trancey style lead plucks its way into the soundscape. Quickly accompanied and then replaced by a kick drum build the tension gives way quickly to some open space and creatively placed samples. The tune quickly drops in with some epic stabs that are reminiscent of war cries on a battlefield. The other elements of the tune are out of character for the genre which makes it even more interesting to listen to. The pluck style of the synths gives a stompy and heavy feeling to the tune while the other synth wave elements provide balance and a beautiful confusion as to what label to put on this tune. This was a fun tune to listen to and I cannot wait to hear this on a huge system.

TR Tactics & Transforma – Ascendancy
A large and clean high hat start us off making for a friendly, mixable intro. A melody that reminds you of old horror films accompanies it and is soon joined by a light breakbeat. Once the drums start the bass takes over and builds up the tension nicely. Once the drop hits it is a straight up dancefloor banger with reeces and distorted basses sweeping across the complete soundscape. The heavy and pounding drum kit keeps things moving along nicely and changeups keep the tune interesting as it moves towards the breakdown. The breakdown reintroduces the high hat and horror melody from the intro. Once the bass builds it back up once again the second drop hits and we are off and running heavy once again. An absolute filthy banger of a tune here with plenty of energy and interesting sound design to keep all of the spotters happy.

Words by Bad Martian