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E-Sassin – Ghosts In The Machine EP – Sound Sphere Music


From the somber depths of the City of Angels emerges a sound that channels the metropolis’s dark energies and, through a mysterious techno-alchemical process, infuses them into our beloved fast warehouse music…

The result is the sound of E-Sassin. Brooding soundscapes foreshadowing the Apocalypse. Rhythms that combine the mechanical brutality of Metal and Industrial and pulsating Neurofunk basslines that morph sound waves into dark matter!

These are the sounds of Ghosts In The Machine!

Epic movie trailer narration and dark imagery aside, I first came upon E-Sassin when K-Mag was hosting a remix contest for Dom & Roland’s Get Up. I heard this guy’s 2 entries (no, he wasn’t content producing just one remix, and his second one was even more epic!) and with hindsight, I’m not surprised he won the contest. His production skills are up there at the top of the Neuro-pyramid, but he doesn’t seem too bothered with the current norms and trends in the genre. He goes above and beyond the status quo in every aspect of his music. It’s darker, more visceral and more enraged than anything you’ll find in the even the hardest sets at Let It Roll… And he took his sound even further with this EP.

Coming back to the “brooding soundscapes, metal and industrial sounds” analogy, the aforementioned sentence pretty much encapsulates what the songs on this release are about.

“Ghosts In The Machine” starts with its title track, which lets us know that this EP is not for the faint of heart! It is a hard-hitting roller with powerful Industrial overtones, due to its mechanically precise and unrelenting beat. It reminds me of the industrial and noise music that I used to listen to from labels like Ant-Zen, Hymen, and ad-noiseam (which itself later delved into really hard Dubstep and DnB). This song immerses us in a cold, post-apocalyptic cyberpunk atmosphere. It definitely evokes images of dystopian, run-down mega-cities overrun with bio mechanical criminals and terrorist hackers. While they wreak havoc in a computer system everyone is mentally and physically connected to, the fascist militarized police forces are hunting them down with gyro copters and big-ass rail guns! Mid-90’s Hollywood here we come!

The second song, “Accept The Darkness”, envelops us in its brooding soundscapes and gives us a little breather in between two violent salvos. It’s a more atmospheric, halftime affair with eerie pads and pulsating neuro bass that would perfectly score a film like Event Horizon, thus tipping the atmosphere of the music more towards sci-fi horror. It may be dark and menacing, but it doesn’t quite prepare you for what comes next…

Amidst Gothic choirs emerge the crushing blast beats and FM basses of “The Dead Will Rise”, which is most likely the closest to symphonic black metal DnB has ever gotten. Even if you think that Eatbrain releases are hard as fuck, which you would be right, they don’t even come close to this level of intensity and brutality. I wouldn’t even call this song’s main part a drop, because it does not “drop”, it smashes! And it does a pretty good job at leaving the listener breathless and completely floored!

To buy the EP click here

Some may think that 3 tunes makes for a short EP, but the power and violence of the music presented here will satisfy even the most hardcore listener! But those who can’t get enough are in luck! When you purchase the release directly on the Sound Sphere Music website, you get a bonus track!

It is titled “Faith” and gloriously combines the main elements of the other songs on the EP, namely the dark, brooding atmosphere in the intro, and the brutal and powerful neuro-metallo-industrial heaviness in the drop.  This track is pure Dark DnB worthy of older Current Value, Noisia and Panacea, and it definitely packs the megatons to destroy the dance floor! It is probably easier to use in a DJ mix as well due to its structure, whereas the other tracks from the EP are more about pushing the envelope to its breaking point and make for and interesting collection of more experimental works.

It is also interesting to note that not only do the 3 songs work in exploring different sides of DnB individually, but the way in which they are sequenced and the dynamics between them kind of construct them into a sort of meta-DnB-track, with an epic intro, a huge first drop and really cool switch-up in the second drop.

I have to warn you though, it is so radically different from pretty much every other Drum & Bass release out there and a lot of people may not be ready for that. I was really put off the first time I listened to it, because I expected heavy neuro DnB, remembering E-Sassin’s entries in the Dom & Roland remix competition, and the songs here shattered those expectations into oblivion. But upon repeated listens, I really grew to like these songs and understand what they’re about… I think.

So now that you know what to expect, get over to the Sound Sphere Media website and grab this bad-ass EP! It’s only $4!!!! And you get a free tune!!!!

And since E-Sassin is a gentleman indeed, our readers even get an additional freebie! While his remix of Dom’s Get Up was officially released on Dom & Roland Productions, the VIP version was not, and we have it here for you as a free download! That’s how much we love you!

Grab it using the following link :

For more information on E-Sassin:
E-Sassin on Facebook
E-Sassin on Soundcloud
Sound Sphere Recordings website

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