ESKR – Feel Good EP (Boomslang Recordings)

ESKR - Feel Good EP

Next up on Boomslang Recordings, ESKR hits us right in the gut with his latest, “Feel Good EP”. A stunning four track monument, overflowing with ideas and set to tear up the charts. As if that wasn’t enough, the EP includes an anthem of a bonus track, “You Don’t Know” which is being given out as a complimentary download, available exclusively here at the DNB Vault website. Throughout each of these dubiously dynamic gems, ESKR demonstrates a sophisticated comprehension of processing and synthesis, absolute resolve and follow through, making heads explode yet again with this spectacular, mind melting, multi-track release.

“That’s right… We just wanna feel good!” And “Feel Good” is exactly what you’re going to do, whether you’re mixing a DJ set, rocking out with your fellow humans in the dance hall, or simply listening in the comfort of your headphones. The dazzling vocal in this astutely titled track is commanding, energetic, and downright galactic. Intense vibes immediately take hold as the bass drops, putting the uncontrollable boogie-woogie on your brain. Feel Good is a dance floor stormer that will no doubt have the entire room in a frenzied ruckus.

It’s Time” is an elegant and ominous dreamscape. Looming sweeps and threatening pads pull you in and push you back as the tension mounts. Menacing bass stabs steadily pulsing and pumping like blood and oxygen coursing furiously through your veins, keeping you blissfully entranced while welcoming and beckoning you into the delightfully shadowy depths of your subconscious. A highly intelligent, connected and cohesive attraction. The perfect accompaniment for its counterparts.

Come On” opens up with imperialistic horns sounding off in the distance, precision drum work comes crisply stepping in and stepping lively. Hold onto your hats as it bursts out of the gate like a rollercoaster of synthetic pulp, bass growling and humming like the purr of a finely tuned engine. A prime example of ESKR’s grasp of sound design and mixing, this tune will have you wondering how he did it.

Here We Go Again” keeps the momentum strong and attention focused. Home to another incredible bit of vocal work, a track that makes hearts throb and bodies jump. Unrelenting, vengeful bass cuts through the air like a chainsaw, lacerating airwaves with no remorse. Get ready, take a deep breath, and brace yourself for a tune that will knock your socks off.

Track for track, ESKR’s “Feel Good EP” is thrilling, uninhibited dance floor devastation, pure expression expertly designed to turn heads and drop jaws. Bass face and gun fingers at the ready… Keep an eye out for ESKR and his group project Noize Komplaint as both are locked into some serious releases in 2021. Boomslang Recordings has been on a mission since it’s debut with releases by Saxxon, NC-17, Jinx, ESKR and 2021 releases with Heist, Noize Komplaint, SST, Dropset, and many more.

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