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ESKR – Another Life EP – Scāpegōt Records

ESKR is currently erupting into the spotlight, taking US Drum & Bass by storm. Recently being signed to the artist roster at Boomslang Recordings, along with prior and future releases on Play Me Records, Patrol the Skies Music, and Scāpegōt Records. He also achieved an esteemed role as the newest member of Noize Komplaint. ESKR continues to prove time and time again, that he is a resplendent force of nature in the Drum & Bass industry. His recent solo release coming to us from Scāpegōt Records titled, “Another Life” is no exception.

“In another life, this may have been different…” A haunting and utterly holographic vocal signals to our understanding of predicament, giving hope to the promise of an uncertain and untold destiny, as we take our stand and traverse disparity. We’ve come this far; the future is ours to shape. “Another Life” is a terrific example of ESKR’s uncanny ability, demonstrating the precision with which he crafts. Forcefully energetic, commanding your full attention with malevolent bass stabs, majestic, domineering horns, and deviceful, innovative drum work. An imaginative and transcendent production that takes hold of your mind, body, and soul, thrusting you full send into… Another Life.

Augmentation with unbridled momentum, “DeCrypt” is a profound experience of sapient nourishment. A meticulously potent kick and snare ensemble induces the fertile horizon. Granular textures of acidic, synthetic filth wind their way to the foreground. As percussive materials celestially join force, a neurological odyssey is proposed via the emerging soundscape. Audibly perceiving the galactic convergence building, willfully leading you to the threshold of a boundless abyss. A doorway lies open before you. With function unburdened, an unseen force pulls you into a familiar, yet esoteric dimension. Dislocated from the reality you once knew so well, you have now been catapulted into the mind machine. Subterranean bass growls, caressing and massaging your supernal mentality, pulsing vehemently as you navigate your newly accessible macrocosm. Orbs of fathomless color fluctuate all around, synapses firing with unearthly accelerated proficiency, and the most inordinate resolution you have ever sought out, is unequivocally decrypt.

Be sure and pick up this scorching bit of hotness: ESKR – Another Life EP. A proud contribution with great respect and intent to further the growth and prosperity of USDNB. OUT NOW on Scāpegōt Records and available at all of your favorite outlets.

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Zachary Jacobsen
Zachary Jacobsen is an artist and writer from the West Coast of the USA. Born in Seattle and spent two of the best decades in San Francisco as Drum & Bass dj, "Bicolas". D&B buyer for DanceRecords,com, Skills DJ Workshop, and sales rep for Nemesis Music Distribution NY-SF. Co-host of the San Francisco monthly, Rhythm Method SFDNB and resident dj at Solution Tuesdays, hosted by ESKR. Currently residing in Orange County, California where he is working on his first novel and producing Drum & Bass under the alias, "XTNXN.EVNT".

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