Ear Filters Review: EarPeace vs DUBS

EarPeace vs Dubs

Protecting your ears, especially in the drum and bass and electronic dance music world, is very important. If you’re not aware of that yet then here’s your chance to learn about some products that will help with the quality of not only your night but your life. However, if you’re like others out there, and you’ve been looking for the best ear filters and doing your research but have not come to a decision, then no need to look any further. We will compare the ear filters of two companies, EarPeace and DUBS by Doppler Labs.

Dubs in box

At first look, the DUBS come in a very sleek and elegant box. The filters themselves look futuristic, almost like tiny ear speakers which have multiple colors of your choosing. They come equipped with a little case to store and transport the filters in.

EarPeace ear filters

The EarPeace filters did not look very spectacular in the packaging. The filters look plain and boring and do not come in cool colors. However, I did immediately notice that you get a spare filter and the case to hold and transport is far more functional and can be added to your keychain or backpack zipper.

Dubs up close

Out of the package, there’s not much to the DUBS other than to put them in your ears. It took me a while to figure out the right way to put them in, as far as how the speaker looking filters should be positioned, since there weren’t any instructions to go along with them. Once they were in the filters felt fairly comfortable. Over long periods of use I found myself having to readjust them periodically as they felt as if they were falling out or not seating in my ears fully, however once in they felt nice. The audio I could hear sounded pretty good and fairly clear. At times I found the high frequencies a little muffled but nothing that was a cause for concern. I did, though, find people asking me what was in my ears or looking at them in a strange manner, which I could imagine seeing some robot looking devices in someone’s ears for the first time. Also, having a conversation is a little difficult while wearing them and would need to take one out to talk to someone so that I could hear them. After the show I put the DUBS back into their little case and into my pocket, when I returned back home I placed them on my nightstand and pretty much forgot about bringing them the next time I went out. I knew to bring them, but just plain forgot to grab them. There have able been times I wish I had them with me when I wasn’t expecting to need them but it’s a fairly bulky item to always keep in your pocket. Overall the DUBS did their job and at the end of the night, I found myself without ringing in my ears.

EarPeace up close

The EarPeace filters come with an extra set of inner filters that go into the earpieces themselves. The skin tones filter goes up to 13dB, while the red filters go up to 16dB. Personally, I keep in the red filters at all times. The changing of the inner filters may come in handy when trying to produce or DJ while using them, both of which I have not tried yet. The EarPeace filters also came with instructions on how to use, store, and change the filters. Now it’s true, the EarPeace filters do not look like space age robot ears and lack the “wow” factor but over long periods of use, I completely forgot I had them in. They fit in my ear canal very comfortably and I never had to adjust them. Since they are skin tone, and they have various skin tones to chose from, and they do not protrude from my ears and no one noticed that I even had anything in my ears, which I liked. No awkward looks or questions at all. I found I could carry on a conversation at the bar while wearing them and had no need to take them out unless I was in a quiet surrounding. The sound was incredible, no muffle at all, it was like someone just turned the volume down. The higher frequencies were crisp and clear and bass sounded nice and deep, it almost reminded me of wearing a SubPac. After the show I put the EarPeace filters back into their cylinder case, which was attached to my keys, and when I returned home I put my keys on my kitchen table. Now when I leave the house and I grab my keys, I have the filters with me at all times for any situation that may come up. Overall the EarPeace filters were outstanding and left me without any ringing in my ears and enjoying my whole night.

The Verdict


While not very stylish, the EarPeace filters offer a simple comfort and convenience to couple it’s quality sound filtration. Offering a travel case that attaches to your keys, backpack, or really anything else you want to clip it on to makes it so there are no excuses not to have a pair with you at all times. The third ear filter back up is also a nice piece of mind for that random time you drop one in the club when taking them out or putting them in. At a great price point of $20, these are a must have for anyone who frequents clubs and concerts as well as DJ’s and producers alike.

Grab a pair or two of ear filters from EarPeace and protect your hearing.

EarPeace vs Dubs Comparison Chart