Dutta, Ly Da Buddah – Strawberry Dawg/The 80’s – Kartoons


Dutta and Ly Da Buddah team up to bring you a provocative release mixing it up with everything from grimy Jump-Up bass lines to New Orleans jazz brass riffs. Another forward thinking cut from Nicky Blackmarket‘s Kartoons Music label.

Nicky Blackmarket hits us again with a double barrel of grooves from Kartoons Music. This time enlisting the talents of Dutta and Ly Da Buddah as they team up to bring us something unique to add to your crates.

‘Strawberry Dawg’ lures you in with smooth New Orleans jazz brass lines right off of Bourbon St.; and a tight snare riff that mutates into a crunchy but melodic Jump-Up bass groove. Weaving those horns in and out and don’t miss that piano to keep you guessing. One part jazz band one part bouncing “what in the hell was that?” A festive affair all around.

Dutta and Ly Da Buddah change gears on the B side with something that has the feel of a complete modern remake of the 80’s classic ‘Low Rider’ and thus aptly titled ‘The 80’s’. Echo effected string samples float til the drop rolls in with some unexpected teases and a solid core drum pattern. A really full sub that carries the keyboard lines so they can talk in dialog to echo fills. And let’s not forget those effected string samples coming back to chat for a bit more.

Both of them are keepers and out now. You know the deal.



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