Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Rise Of The Black Panther [Friction Premiere]


It’s that time again! As the sun makes its long-awaited appearance for 2016, Technique Recordings are gearing up for another summer album. And, as if that news wasn’t exciting enough by itself, it comes accompanied with a taster courtesy of the label’s bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Depending on your proclivities, the title “Rise of the Black Panther” might conjure up images of the civil rights struggle or of Marvel’s first black superhero. Either way, it definitely brings to mind a seething undercurrent of power. Which is exactly what Drumsound & Bassline Smith have delivered here, wrapped in more unadulterated funk than we’re used to seeing in recent D&B.

This tune is funky drum and bass in the classic sense, with no compromise. There’s a crate-digger’s treasure trove of samples, led by, of course, some almighty horn stabs. There’s a driving live-sounding bass. There are head-nodding, body-moving drums. It’s a joyous exploration of the way this music can be heavy, energetic and summertime-flavoured all at the same time.

While cold winter nights might invoke dark neuro and tech seriousness, this tune is all about the sunlight. And, if this is a benchmark for what the rest of the album has to offer, then D&B-lovers are in for something special this summer.