Drumsik – Noise in My Mind – Bad Taste Recordings


Drumsik is back at it on Bad Taste Recordings after a strong showing on the ‘Black Box Seven’ compilation back in May. The first full release since their ‘Alone EP’ roughly a year ago and it was well worth the wait as this will sit nicely in the Bad Taste catalog. He’s been keeping busy with a steady release of singles and has come out of the corner swinging with this one.

Drumsik is a regular on the Bad Taste roster at this point. This is evidence as to how he’s carved himself out a niche there. ‘Noise in My Mind’ is a quick tour of bangers representing the busier and glitchy side of Drum and Bass.

The releases namesake ‘Noise in My Mind’ has the urgency of something that Drumsik had to get out of his head. I for one am glad that he did. Comes in very busy and then hits a plateau that grooves into the breakdown. ‘Groove Generator’ has this great teasing beat for the intro and comes in strong at the drop. Staggering and stuttering drum line playing off growling subs. ‘Two Faced’ is an energetic and dramatic track full of build ups, epic energy and rolling grooves that really keeps you on the edge. All around a very strong showing from Drumsik that surely makes Bad Taste Recordings proud.





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