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Droptek – Time Travel/Dropout – Korsakov Music

Droptek delivers yet another top notch smasher with their patent and distinctive sound on the Korsakov Music imprint that loves to bring them to us coming in hot and heavy. What we’ve come to expect from both of these folks is quality and they have also been delivering to us a fair amount of quantity lately as well. Droptek and Korsakov Music make a solid team and they raise the bar yet again with a stellar new release.

Korsakov Music is really developing a distinct sound of it’s own as a label and has established themselves as an imprint that consistently delivers quality producers. And Droptek has been one of those producers leading the charge. Fresh off of a remix album just last month of their 2019 release ‘Symbiosis’; they come at us with yet another heavy hitter.

This time Droptek give us ‘Time Travel’ and it doesn’t waste any time getting to the drop and those warbling Reese synths, massive warping sounds that give you a feeling like….well like you’re time traveling. So much so that you almost miss the foot driving beat until it goes away at the breakdown. The full sample gets in there as it builds up for another warp into what I’m gonna just assume is the future. Mind bending sounds that will take you there and back. Whenever that is.

On the “flip side” (if there is such a thing these days) Droptek takes a bit more time to get to the drop with some atmospherics and more of a rolling groove. But, as the name implies, intros are not really his thing. This guy does drops and this one is not quite as dramatic; as it builds elements and layers slowly. Adding effects, fills and rhythms with much more of a soft touch than the mind warping “A side”. This one keeps rolling and building and before you know it we get to the bridge and here we go again.

A nice pair of tracks showcasing very effectively the range Droptek has.





Korsakov Music


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