Dossa & Locuzzed – Bringing Funk back into Drum & Bass


Having just singed to Viper, Dossa & Locuzzed tell us more about their studio routines, the new EP ‘Only Way/Electric Boogie’ and what else there is to do in Austria than eating Schnitzel.

How are you doing? How are you feeling about the signing to Viper?
Good, thanks! We’re really happy about this opportunity, and stoked to release our new music on Viper, as we’re both big fans of the label since we got into Drum & Bass back in the day. Quite amazing to release music on it now.

The new EP sounds wicked. Please tell us a bit more about the new tracks.
Thanks! Generally we want to bring the funk back into Drum & Bass, especially since Drum & Bass finds it’s origins in Funk music. So ‘Only Way’ started as an instrumental track and the idea was born after we randomly chopped up guitar samples. We made a bassline and put a drum loop on it, then we sent it to Tasha, who really liked the track and was up to record something for it. She did a great job and caught the vibe of the track perfectly. ‘Electric Boogie’ all started with these funky-stabs from the buildup of the track while we wanted to do a track with this iconic cowbell-sound on it. Then we experimented a bit and came up with these jumpup-kinda sounds, combined it with a bouncy drum pattern and suddenly both of us were bouncing off in the studio. It just fit together quite well and the track always gets a good reaction when played out.

How do you see your sound developing moving forward?  
Well, we think it’s time for more melodic music in Drum & Bass again, as it really got quite dark in the last year – which is cool, but diversity isn’t a bad thing. Currently we’re trying to combine everything we hear and like and bring it back to Drum & Bass like for instance Soul, Funk, Electro and Vintage sounds. But we think it’s about crossing borders though and try to create something special from scratch. The thing is we do not want to get too far away from the regular Drum & Bass sound at all, as we really love this genre and want to keep up the dancefloor vibes with our music.

What can you tell us about your time in the studio. What do you use, when do you produce?
Most of our tunes start in one of our living rooms where we work individually on a really basic setup – a laptop running Cubase, a keyboard and headphones – keeping sending each other ideas and versions. Once a track is ready for the next stage, we go to studio and fatten up everything with our analog gear, and mix it down properly. We use a lot of funk sample packs and also just record everything we need from vocals to drums, what we then use as one-shots in the projects. Then we have a Juno 106 and a Moog Sub37 in our studio which really have a quite characteristic touch we love, and it’s also great fun to jam on them. Regarding plugins we use the usual stuff like Massive, FM8, Serum, Kontakt and Sylenth, and some different wahwah and phaser effects for the funkiness. 😄

When you’re not making music, how do you like spending your time?
Actually, most of our time we do music or sound related things – be it finding new music, listen to it or just watching a movie while subconsciously focusing on the soundtrack. We also have other musical projects where we do other genres as well, and Dossa is also studying sound design at university. But when we want to get our heads free we usually just hang around with friends or family and spend some nice time, probably have a beer or two.

What else do you have lined up for this year?
Since we’ve signed just a few weeks ago, there will be some releases on other labels like a tune with Dope Ammo and a one for a forthcoming compilation on Mayan Audio. We also finished a bunch of new tunes and are quite happy about the sound, really can’t wait to get them out! In Summer we’re playing at Nu Forms, a really big Drum & Bass festival in Austria, and hopefully soon, we get to DJ more internationally.

You’re both from Austria. What are must-do’s when visiting the country?
Well, firstly you have to go hiking somewhere and have a cold beer at a cottage on the summit. Austria has a really beautiful landscape and the weather is comfortable most of the time, so spending a day in the mountains is one of the best things to do. Also very important, you have to visit Vienna for at least one weekend, get a Schnitzel, check out the city and the opera then go to a Drum & Bass rave – depending on what you prefer there is everything from small parties in cellars to really massive raves with international lineups at least twice a week. Then we recommend Graz for a stay, a cultural stronghold in Austria – There is going on a lot of really cool things. Loads of artist live there, and it’s a really beautiful city. Another must-go is somewhere in the depths of the Waldviertel (forest quarter) in Lower Austria – explore absolutely nothing and learn the real meaning of the word „nauser“.