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Document One – 7th Dimension EP [Technique Recordings]

Document One had, to put it mildly, a pretty good 2016. Their unique blend of tech, hip-hop, jazz and funk influences have cemented their place among the elite of drum’n’bass producers. Their tunes are consistently at the business end of the DnB download charts and they’ve garnered support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene. So, their 7th Dimension EP, their first release of 2017, bears the weight of a huge amount of expectation.

We had a quick catch up with the guys and got a little bit of insight into what we can expect to see from them in 2017.

Is this a precursor for a Document One album?
Not just yet. It’s something we’d love to do at some point but right now we are feeling proud of the EP we just finished and the reaction to it so far. We have two more tracks finished for the next Technique compilation on top of the 5 tracks on the 7th Dimension EP so it kind of feels like we just finished a mini album in a way.

What have you got planned for 2017?
Plenty of shows and much more music to come! We already have a bunch of tracks we are working on for future releases, and we’re experimenting with some different styles within DnB. Also we’ve recently finished a couple of collaboration tracks which are forthcoming as well as a sample pack which will be available in digital stores very soon. Plenty in the pipeline for us to look forward to!


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