DNMO, The Arcturians – Without You Near – Deadbeats


Deadbeats brings a top notch track from producers with a knack for collaboration: DNMO and The Arcturians. Which is a good team up for a collaboration. Sorta like a Marvel comic…but ya know…with music.

‘Without You Near’ comes in as a ballad with some beautiful acoustic guitar and vocals about having “a shitty day, a shitty week, a shitty year”. That’s a vibe that we can all relate to about now. The intro moves and flow almost without notice, slowly but surely inches it’s way into, or I really should say “up to” the drop. It drops like a 10 ton counter weight to whatever your emotional roll coaster is right now.

And it just keeps getting more epic from there. Keeps building and building to the breakdown that you know is coming (the musical one….not the emotional one). Then afterwords instead of your standard rinse and repeat with a bit of variation, it takes a new turn and develops even more. You know….like a song and not just something that you crank out and people forget about.

Listen to this one. You won’t forget about it soon. This one stands out from the fray DNMO and The Arcturians have given us a gift.





The Arcturians