DNB Invades Ibiza: Micky Finn Interview


“Thin geezer, fat tunes” is how the world describes the 25 year veteran of DNB, Micky Finn. From his early works with Aphrodite as Urban Shakedown to his Finn People project, Micky has been no nonsense, no gimmick and just pure fun DNB sounds. His latest project for the last few years has been bringing the sound of DNB to Ibiza through Sunbeatz, a 7 day holiday festival showcasing the biggest names in Drum & Bass. We recently caught up with the UK DJ and one of the masterminds behind Ibiza’s new and hottest party.

What first got you into the drum & bass music scene?
Drum and Bass was a transition from Jungle, Jungle was a transition from hardcore, hardcore was a transition from the acid house scene at the end of the 80s. I am one of the lucky ones that witnessed all the transitions. I am now in the drum and bass transition. Where will it go next I wonder?

As one of the pioneers of Drum & Bass and having been around back when it was simply called hardcore, are you surprised that DNB has made its way to the main rooms and big festivals?
I think its great for DNB to have chart success with the likes of Fresh and Chase and Status and for them to be headlining main stage festivals can only be positive for DNB and that makes me happy. The production in some DNB is far superior to other dance musics is my opinion so no Im not surprised at all.

Some may or may not know but you co-founded Urban Takeover with Gavin King. Is there any chance we can expect to see any new stuff coming out from there?
Yes takeover was a baby of mine and Aphrodite’s mainly to release our music which we don’t get in the studio and do no more . Gav’s djing and mine made us very busy. We both got married then divorced may I add but drifted apart studio wise but still own urban agency together which is the home of a few dnb artist. www.urbanagency.co.uk. No plans to get in studio together even thou I am making music with Dj voltage. Vital elements from Serial Killaz and back in with me ole mate L Double too. Im thinking I can contribute again and I’m enjoying it too. Watch this space.

You’re now running Ibiza’s only drum & bass festival called Sunbeatz with Darren Jay. I hear there’s some massive names coming into there. Can you tell us more about this?
Sunbeatz is a week long clubbing holiday concept based in Ibiza the party capital of the world. The night clubs are by the far the best on the planet. Ibiza itself is a beautiful location with the best backdrops for our concept we could ask for. We take over the following night clubs throughout the week. Privilege, Eden, Vista, Es Paradis and a disused Zoo. We fly in 50 + of the world best drum and bass artist to entertain the night events on our program. Sunbeatz is 4 partnership deal with an arsenal of brands under the umbrella. There is myself, Darren Jay who owns Awol brand. Bridge and brother Elliott own Breaking Science and Jungle Mania so yes we know the scene quiet well. This is our 6th year on the island where we just seem to grow and grow every year. get that butt on a plane to ibiza now. You will never look back.

What gave you the idea to start a drum & bass festival in Ibiza that is mainly known for their trance and house events?
I had this idea some years ago in the 90s whilst on one of many trips working on the island. Ibiza is the birth place of our whole scene, from way back in the 80s so why not ibiza. I love a challenge and I am bored easily if not. The island has opened its arms to us and welcomed us as a part of the yearly calendar now so we firmly have our flag in the ground. The world has to see the beauty of this magical island so not DNB heads too.

Sunbeatz - Ibiza

Did you face any challenges bringing this festival there?
Lol. How strange I didn’t even see that question and hey presto yes we face many challenges but like I said I adore a challenge. I will get all game of thrones when I’m challenged and dig deep. I have this saying. A party in London on a single night is a plaster on the knee. Sunbeatz is more open heart surgery. The Logistics are military timing. Arrivals, departures, pick ups, drops off, hotels and thats just the artists. All great fun though.

So Sunbeatz is really more than just a festival though, isn’t it? It’s a complete holiday package?
I call it a clubbing holiday concept but thats just me being posh. It was a simple brain wave of people go on holiday then they go clubbing, pull them together and we have Sunbeatz. We are trying to create a once a year come to ibiza and forget about life’s worries and just let go. Every one deserves that sometimes. We are all about fun.

Can you see Sunbeatz expanding to other hot party regions of the world as it grows in popularity?
I see Snowbeatz in the future, always have. I love to board so it makes sense to me. If the idea was right and the location was right then we are always looking for the next thing. We love to excite people and do the unexpected like a disused zoo for a party. Like trying to stick our flag in the ground on the island. People said we wouldn’t do it, couldn’t do it. Makes me stronger to be honest.

Do you have any plans to hit the US for a tour any time soon?
Not been to states to work for quiet some time. Seems dubstep took over for a while but you maybe seeing me on your shores soon.

Do you have any words to the DNB Vault readers and the fans around the world?
Get your asses over to Ibiza for a week long hedinisic event. Sunbeatz all day Drumbeatz all night. take care people and thanks for partaking.

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