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The Los Angeles-based duo known as Kronology continue to kill it on the international stage as the latest salvo in their ongoing saga proves. Part of a massive six-track ‘Cubic’ EP on Worldwide Audio Recordings, Kronology’s aptly titled floor-killer ‘Vertigo’ blasts to center stage with an epic intro and addictive hook that dumps into a stomping bass-heavy tune proper.

It’s no small feat for Technique‘s rising stars to stand out on an EP rammed with heavyweight talent like MaxNRG, North Base, Erb N Dub, Gradual, and Infrasonik, but they not only hold their own, they straight up crush it! Still not convinced? Look no further than last night’s jaw-dropping rinseout from Crissy Criss and Aphrodite at Respect where BOTH DJs dropped this tune in the cut on the same night!

Out now on Worldwide Audio Recordings so lock and load and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more weekly selections from DJ Nightstalker on the Stateside tip.