DJ SUV – Buenos Aires / NOFACE – Artical Yout – Playside 175


Dj SUV ft. LOBO – Buenos Aires

SUV is a long championed name in the Drum & Bass scene and continues to prove why with each release.  “Buenos Aires” seems to draw on the many cultural sounds of South America to fill its audio spectrum.  The intro is reminiscent of a scene out of “The God Father” move.  The precise and crisp drum work get you ready for a nice, smooth ride.  A signature SUV bassline starts rumbling in the background, bringing the vibe nice and thick for the dancefloor.  The balance of technical detail and emotion is critical in this piece as you quickly get caught up appreciating the production work while not realizing how drastically you are bobbing your head.  This one sneaks up on you and puts you in the mood to push off the bar and onto the dancefloor.  A must have as it will help grab the most unsuspecting types and force them onto the dancefloor with the rest of us!


NOFACE – Artical Yout

NOFACE is a local legend on the west coast coming straight out of the Respect DNB camp.  His production is supported by some of the top names in Drum & Bass and on this release he shows us exactly why.  “Artical Yout” starts right off with storming drums and a haunting sample straight from the yard.  Sprinkled with lyrical samples that throw you back into the golden age of jungle music and paired with a running bassline this one takes off running!  The solid drum work and perfect balance of sounds on this one will make this a must have for any dancefloor set.  Blurring the line between jungle and D&B perfectly while making sure the dancefloor is the main focus, NOFACE absolutely killed this one.  I can see this fitting into many, many different styles of sets and working perfectly.

Words by Direct Feed

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