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DJ SS presents Formation – Drum & Bass Sounds of the Summer Vol. 1 – Formation Records

DJ SS has gathered a crew of producers from all over the world for the first summer compilation on his legendary imprint, Formation Records.

Formation Drum & bass Sounds Of The Summer Vol. 1 is the ultimate feel good drum & bass compilation. Definitely a majestic way to end the summer season!

This beautifully crafted compilation of deep soulful vibes, mixed in with some heavy beats still aims towards the smoother and rolling  side of drum & bass. As the man himself, DJ SS told us:

“The idea behind this project is to bring positive vibes and to put a smile on peoples faces”

From listening to these previews below, we think he has succeeded, as we are all smiling and feeling the vibes at DNB VAULT HQ!

With 30 exclusive tracks to pick from, we are 100% sure you will find something to play out or add to your regular playlist!

Artists like Bladerunner, High Roll, Dushi, Medicin, Sikka, Spexion, Oder, Dj SS plus many more deliver serious rolling pressure!  We also enjoyed seeing some familiar Stateside names on this compilation. Pish Posh, Jamal, Blacklab, Rockman, Stereotype, Ben Sage, Subsonik, and The Burner Brothers all provide class contributions to this well-executed body of work.

You can grab a copy of this compilation on Friday from Beatport.

For more information on Formation Records:
Formation Records On Facebook

Bully is an up and coming US DNB producer who randomly drops by the DNB Vault to review his favorite tunes.

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