DJ SS presents: Formation 200 – 3 part LP – Formation Records.


DJ SS’s Formation Records is the longest running drum and bass label still doing big things after all these years.  Established in 1990 they continue to shape the Drum and Bass landscape with some amazing and groundbreaking beats.  They are now at their 200th release and its a pretty big milestone for them and  for the drum and bass community in general.  

This monumental LP is being released in 3 parts, the first one already dropped, check the Spotify link below to give it a whirl, and trust us when we tell you part 2 is just as good! We cant really say much about the Classic section as these tracks speak for themselves and they are saying “we are absolute bangers”.

If you were around back then you know what to expect and if you are new to the sound get ready to hear some amazing tracks that still hold the test of time on the dancefloor.

Part 1 – December 17th ( out now ) 

Part 2 –  December 28th

Classic – January 7th

With some of biggest names charting the history of jungle through to the latest drum & bass, this compilation has something for everyone. 

Part 1

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – “The World Ain’t Ready” is a monumental track that premiered earlier this year, to critical acclaim. Monolithic, faultless and truly the future of Drum & Bass.

Bladerunner – “The Flying Technique” is a masterful track that garnered international attention on its release earlier this year, a truly masterful work. Bladerunner has truly arrived.

Agressor Bunx – “Engineering” comes with a smashing track, an industrial dance off layered with drama and screaming bassline. Released earlier this year, it received airplay on Rene La Vice’s UK Radio 1 show, as well top charting success.

Disaszt – “Get Them Wise” has been out for a few months already and has moved dancefloors across the world, with critical acclaim in the charts and again supported by Rene La Vice on Radio 1. Think 007 on mission past a wall of subwoofers at Let It Roll; this is the Austrian Disaszt at his best.

Influx UK – “It’s Love” (Oder Remix) speaks of intense starry nights spent in front of large stacks of speakers in summer, pure intensity given by the powerful vocal samples; and Formation’s ODER brings long-honed skills and the rework is smashing, bringing an intensity to Influx’s classic track.

North Base Ft. Marianna Ray – “More & More” is a classic liquid rolling drum & bass with North Base’s trademark growling bases combined with beautifully flowing musicality.

DJ SS – “Bring The Noise” is a heavyweight track; featuring as Rene La Vice’s favourite track on Radio 1 on its week of release earlier this year. It’s a mission statement of Formation Records from SS, Formation’s label boss; we will bring the noise.

Oder – “Straight Up” is a no-nonsense bassline thumper from Oder, growling its vibrations deep into your soul.

Critical Impact & DJ SS – “Act In Sequence” is a true techy jungle anthem, flowing jungle rhythms with a dark rolling bassline that makes it literally impossible not to move.

DJ Phlex & Bassface – “Visions’’ draws its influence from the dark jungle that Formation was instrumental in pushing out in the mid 1990s, but with the latest production. Dramatic and heavy, this is one that captures your attention and doesn’t let go.

Cabbie Ft. Bizzi – “Situation” Cabbie bringing the knowledge of the old school soundsystem roots to the modern day rave teams up with Bizzi for this energetic banger of a track, heavy and musical at the same time. This is a great example of how Formation Records continues to be a critical bridge between scenes throughout the drum & bass evolution.

DJ SS & Greenlaw – “Let Love In” is an emotional and heavy track. Greenlaw is a Formation veteran teaming up with Formation Records label boss for this beautiful track.

Karmasynk – “Chains Of Time” is a serious track, keeping it on a higher level with epic vocals and a bassline that has to be heard to be believed. Serious dancefloor weaponry.

Rockman – “Solitude” is a wonderful flowing track from New York’s finest in his unique style. Drum & bass has discovered new galaxies… Tune in!

Cemtek – “Unholy” is a dark horse. Rolling down from monstrous speaker stacks in waves of warm atonal bass, this one is a true heavyweight.

Mistic – “Science Of Craft” is heavy. Seriously heavy… for sure Mistic is one to keep your ears tuned into!

Green Vibes – “Bassline Business” is funky and oozes VIBES dropping into some filthy drum & bass.

Missrepresent Ft. Bellyman – “Another Dimension” is a monolithic lyrical banger; a monstrous collaboration between these two heavyweight Drum & Bass legends. Rewind Selecta!

Sikka – “Nightmare” comes to push the limits of what’s possible. The craziest top top top level production skills from Sikka make this one of the most hype jump-up Drum & Bass tracks on this release.

The Stratta – “Distracted” is another mind-bender of a track on this release; complex, powerful, beautiful… words aren’t enough to describe…

WTF – “Hundred” is like a hotwire into your head, maximum impact and relentless beats that don’t let you go. What The French!

DJ SS Ft. Soul Savaz – “In Your Name” showcases truly heavenly vibes from Formation. Sit back, relax & let the music take you away!

Part 2

MA2 – “Hearing Is Believing” (Serum Refix) is a banging rework of the classic track, a battle-call for junglists all over the world. You genuinely have to hear it to believe!

Influx UK Ft. MC Fats – “Souls Unite” (DJ SS 2018 Remix) is a vibesy track, with endless supply of soul and melody supplied by this great collaboration between Influx UK and MC Fats, known for his soulful singing. DJ SS brings the 2018 remix with style!

Decline – “Blue Flame” is a cinematic flowing liquid track with a growling sub; soulful, emotional and powerful.

High Roll – “The Real Love” takes it to the next level. Larger than life the bassline rolls into the room, you have to hear it to believe it.

Parker – “Out In The Cold” is a super heavy rinser, pumping energy, vibes and vocals all the way through. Formation 200: all killer, no filler.

H.O.R.I.Z.O.N – “Fall Into The Night” is energetic, beautiful and boomin, truly drum & bass at it’s best.

DJ SS & RAZ – “Entrust” is a deep roller from the midlands of the UK; Formation’s label boss SS teams up with Raz on this smashing release.

Saxxon VS AK1200 –  “AMEN”: Following the popular opinion that Drum & Bass has formed a new worldwide religion, U.S.A. top dogs SAXXON & AK1200 have come up with the soundtrack. Can I get an Amen?

Streets Of Rage – “Ebola Dub” is unstoppable; a Drum & Bass monster unleashed to roam the earth, causing uncontrollable movement to all in its path.

Nuvertal – “One Smile” (Feat. Avenax) is some seriously fresh vibes distilling the essence of jungle and liquid into a dreamlike groove taking you on a journey into the future…

T>I & Turno – “Lost Mind” is a mad journey into sound. These two Drum & Bass giants have come together for this track and dreamt up this belter. Get with it.

ALB – “Dark Tranquility” shows the more beautiful side of drum & bass; smooth, contemplative and makes you move with that classic irresistible liquid flow.

Forever Heaven – “Faster Than The Light” is an incredible track, heavy and melodic that strikes at the heart. This is a proper roller, totally unique in both its musicality and dancefloor weight.

Twisted Individual – “Homuncleus” harks back to the original jump-up Drum & Bass sound, tracing right back through dark mid 90’s jungle but with the latest sounds and production, Twisted Individual remains at the top of the game.

High Roll & DJ SS – “Freedom Of Life” is a beautiful heartfelt liquid track from the two figures central to Formation Records. Let them take you on a journey.

Spexion – “Textures” is a massive wall of bass of a track. Spexion’s sound design is out of this world, combined with the best, baddest breakbeats.

Cyclic – “Spectral” is a heavy top level roller, vocals harking back to the mid 90’s hype with the latest breakbeat funk.

LYNX Ft. Scoop – “Master X” is a raw breathing bassline track; old school influences with the nu skool sound. LYNX brings the heat in this collaboration with Scoop; a must hear track!

E.Decay & Soulpride – “Soul Tornado”  is a straight up 100% roller, belting it out from some drum & bass masters.

Euphorics – “Father Soul” beautiful heavenly liquid drum & bass at its finest, capturing the essence of the pioneering sound, this track takes you on a journey.

Exile Ft. Bellyman – “Can’t Hold Me Back” is a dark and menacing roller; cavernous, enormous, and don’t even try holding it back!

Soul Savaz  Ft djss & High Roll  & Victor – “In Your Name”  (djss 200 mix)  showcases truly heavenly vibes from Formation. Sit back, relax & let the music take you away


The whole journey of jungle to drum & bass in a selection. You can’t ask for more. Its great to hear some of these tracks remastered and sounding better than we remember them!

DJ SS – “The Lighter”
John B – “Pressure”
Nero – “Energy”
DJ Hazard – “NO 6”
Influx UK – “Back For More” (High Contrast Mix)
Twisted Individual – “Bandwagon Blues”
Shy FX – “Torment”
The Prototypes – “Breathless”
Rollz  – “Plugged In”
Critical Impact – “Cold Feet” Ft. Longman
Generation Dub – “Body Snatchers”
Matrix  – “The Message”
R4R  – “Grand National” (Tango Remix)
DJs Anthems – Vol 1 (Carl Cox Remix)
Oaysis – Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix)

We will continue to update this post as the other parts of the LP drop and will have a full interview with DJ SS to find out how he feels about this amazing milestone and to touch on what he has planned next!

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