DJ Satin Comes Correct


As like so many of us who’ve been pushing the underground sounds since day one, DJ Satin has been straight hustling on all fronts, doing all he can to elevate drum & bass and jungle culture with everything from club nights to starting up his own labels and crafting his own gear.

As owner of Soljah Apparel and HumDruma Recordingz (and all the spin-off imprints that it has spawned), Satin continues to keep the vibe alive for the breakbeat underground, inspiring in his never-ending quest for representing things to the fullest. Having released artists as varied as Liondub, Curious?, Direct Feed, Ragga Scum, Reen as well as his own hard-hitting creations, what is most impressive about Satin and his many projects is that he’s not afraid to push vibes across the bpm board from drum & bass to jungle to future jungle, deep dubstep, jungle tekno and everything in between.

First off, introduce yourself to the masses!
I have been DJing as Dj Satin since 1994 and started to produce in 1998. I’m a long time resident of Palmdale, California which I still call home to this day but have also been residing in Orange County for the past 3 years.

What kind of style you represent?
I myself push the jungle side of things and dropping classic jungle samples in there with new fresh sounds to keep things current.  I do also like to make liquid and dark and ruff n tuff tunes, so really it’s just a mood thing what ever I’m feeling at the moment.  I’m sure you will hear this selection in my sets, playing new jungle, mixing a few classics in there with unreleased dubplates.

You’re not only pushing the music as an artist and label owner but also in terms of the merchandise – talk a bit about your history on this side of things.
As music has always been a passion of mine I also had an eye for design. After playing with a few programs in 2003 I knew this is also something else I wanted to do and quickly started to take college courses. Sharpening my skills I continued to take courses over 2 years and finished up with a Degree. In 2005 I released the first catalog as SolJah Apparel and the rest is history.

Even so, your labels have really been your mainstay through it all. Talk a bit about your work as a label manager and how you’ve kept up with the times throughout it all.
The idea for HumDruma Recordingz was in 1998 but the first release was in September of 2002 which sort of set the tone for what was to come. The main focus was to bring back that ruff hard steppa ragga vibe along with a touch of soul. Whether it may be in ragga, hip-hop or some dancefloor tunes you will hear the vibe on a HumDruma tune.

After a few years, in July of 2007 I introduced the sister label HumDrumz Records while teaming up with Curious? and releasing the HDZ001 release. I felt the need of a sister label as the sound was a bit smoother than the HumDruma sound and it still continues with these sounds to this very day.

Nearly a year later in 2008 things had changed a bit with vinyl pressings so I made a digital label outlet that featured new upcoming artists with a mixture of established artists with Hum Fi Drum. The first release on Hum Fi Drum consisted of Mainframe & U-Ome. If that wasn’t enough I jump started another digital label called Hum Fi Dub which was a deep dubstep label with the first release with Watts Riots.

You’ve got a huge gig coming up with Serial Killaz at Respect in Los Angeles. This is huge!  What kind of vibe should we be expecting you to bring?
Yes, Respect is going down 7/30 with Serial Killaz! I was so honored to be asked to open up for them by Machete. Not sure what I will be playing but I’m sure there will be lots of bass and dubplates in there. I have talked with Tobie over the years so it’s going to be wicked linking up and to have this night down in big bad Los Angeles.

You’ve got this huge tune called “The Streets” which is special not only because it’s bad-ass but because of the involvement of Liondub. Talk about his involvement and how it all came together.
Yes I have a new release that just came out as an exclusive at Juno that will also be available everywhere else August 3rd from HumDruma Recordingz. After I had finished up this tune I talked with Liondub as we had talked a few years back about making some tunes together and he felt this tune just fit so hit me with a remix followed by two slamming tunes that will see the light of day soon. Looking forward to the past, present and future with HumDruma Recordingz.

What else do you have cooking and where we can snag some of that fresh SolJah gear!
Other projects in the works are a few releases and collabs that I’m wrapping up for HumDruma Recordingz, also with SolJah Apparel it’s best to watch the social media pages and

Final shouts?
A big shout out to all that have supported my music, labels and clothing line and a big thanks to those that continue to support. A big shout out to all the artists that make up these labels – the list will be way too long so you know who you are…and a shout out to my brudda Chris Nightstalker and the DNBVault for the support.

Respect, Love & Peace…