DJ Sappo Guest Mix


DJ Sappo stops by to gift us with a special exclusive mix and to say a few words about his latest EP release and more.

You have been working hard and releasing top tunes for nearly two decades, what keeps you pushing forward after all these years?
Yes hard work for real. I think what keeps me going are my peers and the fans who message me quite inspirational words of how my tunes first got them into jungle (back in the day), and how they still make them feel now all these years on! It definitely keeps you going when doping 20 hour sessions in the studio; music is pretty powerful really old or new!

The next Jungle Rollers album just dropped at all of the outlets. Can you tell us who’s on this one and when can we expect to grab it from the stores?
Jungle rollers is out right now and it is available from all online digital stores. This is the 3rd volume in the series and features myself, Spaow, Subtifuge, and S Man. Spaow and Subtifuge are making there Advisory Jungle Rollers debuts and big ones too!

Your label, Advisory Records, has been around since 1999 when you released Tick A Tock Bass. What caught your interest in starting up the label initially?
Yes, been going for a long time. (Laughs) 90’s man unbelievable! I started the label because I had so much music and some of it definitely deserved to come out as it was getting a lot of positive attention. I spoke with Phil at Vinyl Distribution in 1998 and had a few meetings. We went from there with the follow up to Ding Dong Bass, “The Tick A Tock Bass”, and didn’t look back. I already had a dabble with running my own label with Backdraft from Botchit and Scarper fame so this was my second excursion with what I learned from those times!

One of your tracks, Bristol Beat, off of the Jungle Rollers Vol 2 EP was on a few Top 10 charts for many weeks. When you’re selecting tunes for a release, especially for an EP like this, what are your deciding forces on what makes it on the album? Did you anticipate this Bristol Beat remix to be such a hit?
Bristol Beat, the Nu Elementz remix, held very strong in the charts and got so much buzz out there. I’m grateful for the guys and the work they put in that banger. It even had some Radio 1 plays off Toddla T!

The format for Jungle Rollers is one old style roller, one more modern roller, something more vocal and something completely all out dance floor material. Basically a selection of jungle rollers rolling tunes like back in the day. Simple but effective! I had faith in Bristol Beat although I did send the boys back in a few times for some tweaks. I am a fussy sod ha-ha!

You’ve recently started up a new mastering business and have already been engineering some big releases for DJ Rap and K Jah. What services do you offer for the labels and producers out there and how can they get in contact with you?
Yes, the mastering is only a few months old business wise and has been a phenomenal success with many new people coming through the site. DJ Rap is the latest new client and I will be mixing and mastering all of her future releases so am looking forward to that! It’s something I’ve always done as I literally have been a one man band since the 90’s with djing, mixing, mastering, remixing, productions, etc and sending masters off to the vinyl cutting houses for the label. It was a natural evolution concept my missus came up with and we went with it from there.

I offer 20 years of expertise, friendly advice and of course mastering. I specialize in vinyl and analogue mastering. I’m a hardware man so that’s my angle, affordable analogue mastering with 20 years experience in the scene. I think its something that has to be affordable in these times plus also I quite enjopy it. I also think that labels should really start taking mastering seriously especially in these ‘digital’ times, you really want your brand to stand up and pop out from the rest. I have been mixing and mastering music of a lot of different genres for a long time so I know what is needed to get any pre master or stems sounding great.

If there’s one thing we know it’s that DJ Sappo doesn’t ease up. What do you have coming in the future that we can anticipate?
Its been a busy year but busy is good and am looking forward to a hectic one in 2015! I have just completed a full sample pack for Loopmasters (DJ Sappo – Rolling Jungle and Drum & Bass) which their very happy with it and so am I. It has taken nearly a year to put together! It will be going to be for the jungle and the rolling dnb crew and has a lot of 90’s treats on there. I cant wait to hear some rolling tunes from producers from this pack!

Also coming is an EP with the mighty MC Trigga. We have been working on this EP for a long time and now have 5 tracks with 3 of them being ones that no one has ever heard before. They are going to go off very different sounding rolling future funk. Also, a expect jungle rollers 4,5 and 6!!! 4 is ready and has some serious skankout junglism for the jungle rollers fans! and finally a remix competition will be coming soon for the winning artists to join the Jungle Rollers series so watch this space for more info!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and keep up the great work!
Big up to The Vault and Ragga Scum for the interview. Big shout to all the mastering clients who passed through the doors this past year and backed the business and all the Jungle Rollers fans big up for your support and happy 2015!!!

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DJ Sappo Exclusive Mix for The Vault!