DJ Rap – Detonate [Propa Talent]


DJ Rap is the undisputed queen of the turntables and considered to be one of the pioneers in drum & bass and Jungle music. She exploded onto the electronic music scene in the golden era of the rave scene with unparalleled passion and innovation that has influenced generations of producers and DJs. But music is not the only string to her bow, she also has an extremely successful acting career.

DJ Rap has teamed up with various artists and producers to create a series of EPs which will be released on her label, Propa Talent, in 2017. She provides a taste of what is to come with her latest single ‘Detonate.’ The single is featured in the upcoming movie ‘Seeker Friendly,’ which DJ Rap plays the lead. This EP comes with 3 wicked remixes while the original holds a dark epic chorus with catchy vocals (Co-Produced by Matt Becks – Thirty Seconds To Mars / Cirque Du Soleil / Bran Van 3000). The explosive drum and bass remix is sure to electrify crowds when the bass-line drops. Eat Glitter and Shine with DJ Rap strip things back on their version of the track, yet still packs a punch that brings a trap style to the single.

This release sees her pull from elements of drum & bass, pop and trap. Her love for music, inspiration and desire to break boundaries shows her versatility as an artist and continues to push the limits of music and production.