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DJ Odi – Thief In The Night EP (Original) – Vault 78

Vault 78 returns strong, delivering a new EP from USA drum and bass hero DJ Odi and V Recordings vocalist T.R.A.C. Three tunes with a modern flair on retro style DNB from the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

DJ Odi brings us three incredibly well produced tracks with that old school classic sound that some of us old jaded junglists love and crave for so much. Well….at least I do anyway. This classic sound is really this reporters wheelhouse and DJ Odi evokes the styles of older Total Science, Digital and Spirit. DJ Odi brings us all of the classic sounds and feel of that era with modern digital production standards. Absolutely masterfully done.

The EP’s namesake ‘Thief in the Night’ starts us right out of the gate with a solid classic snare, kick and high hat. No atmospherics and nothing fancy. Just straight up fundamentals and groove. Synth line stabs turn to smoother keys and a wash all join in for the build up and then it takes a breather to gather itself and the female vocal line of “Thief in the Night” at the drop. And right back into that groove with an added percussion fill. Smooth is all I really gotta say.

Followed by ‘Gonna Love Me’ that starts the same. No frills or flash, just straight up groove and beats. One basic element after another as it builds and in comes the synth and the vocal “You’re gonna love me” at the drop and goes right back to the ride with added atmosphere touches in the background. A get over here and talk to me party track if I’ve ever heard one.

And if that’s not enough for you to go run and not walk to get this EP, that’s ok….cuz it gets even better. DJ Odi brings in the talents of the only T.RA.C. for the knockout punch on the EPs last track. A dedication titled ‘This is For’ and boy oh boy is it ever for the junglists. Chasing Amens all day, cutting and jumping all over in that classic junglist style. Retro and modern all at once.



DJ Odi




Vault 78 Recordings


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