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DJ Hybrid – In Too Deep [Serial Killaz]

It’s no surprise that DJ Hybrid hits the Serial Killaz camp with a massive EP full of jungle and mid 90’s influences. ‘Too Deep’ is a monstrous bag of 5 (yes 5!) hard hitting, breakbeat infused riddims, each with their own throwback to different events in drum and bass’ history. This is certainly one EP not to miss – period.

For those thinking “you can’t do mid 90’s using digital hardware”.. It’s time to change your mindset.

‘Give You More’ wouldn’t be of any surprise if it was dropped at AWOL in 1994. It’s as if Hybrid has literally rewound time, given it a fresh lick of primer and layered up the final coat with an array of mashed up breakbeats lashed with BIG growling sub bass.

Moving swiftly on to ‘Big Respect’, certainly something due to many of the original foundation of the jungle scene and without a doubt played out well on this heavyweight track. Infused reggae influences combined with dub effects that will no doubt remind you of the old effects machine at Telepathy it’s a sure fire hit aimed at the young, the old and everyone in between.

‘Regrets’ provides the thought of moody atmosphere, smoke machines pillowing out tons of dry ice, lazers licking the heads of ravers through a sweat haze and slow motion dance moves. It’s a guaranteed head nodder whether you’re a side to side or up and down kind of mover – either way, you are going to feel this tune one way or another.

Stopping briefly as the EP’s title track ‘In Too Deep’ takes a stance with its cinematic introduction, brief female vocal samples and then…. Silence. Pause for second before the rollercoaster bass and breaks take you on a musical journey.

Memories of Dreamscape 15 V 16 or United Dance will potentially come flooding back to those in regular attendance at either The Sanctuary or Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre with just one play of ‘Moving On’. It’s as if this tune has nailed the atmosphere and production style of these eras all in one go. Think DJ Red meets DJ Seduction.

All in all this is another tough EP from the Serial Killaz camp, 100% quality with not a single filler or weak tune.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is another attempt at remaking jungle either, this EP is fresh as the morning sun at 6am when you’re being ejected from a venue whilst 100’s of flyers are being stuffed in your hands.

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