Disprove – Damage EP – Eatbrain


They had watched silently and stealthily from the cold vacuum of space, processing the activity of the civilization on the planet designated by the prime species as ‘Earth’. Monitoring the frequencies below and this culture’s increasingly advanced, but still infant communication technologies. The enforcers of galactic order – observing and calculating the potential for breaching the rift at that critical moment of social and technological advancement at which so many races had fallen. These primes were culturally schizophrenic, with much of the race confusing universal anomalies for the supernatural whilst the elite reached ever deeper towards a true understanding of the mysteries that would unlock access to the depths of the galaxy. The exploration of volatile sonic forces both powerful and dangerous, with the potential to turn simple civilizations into dangerous swarms with the capacity to disrupt the galactic harmony. Cosmic law had been established to prevent the untold destruction these errant and infectious signals had caused in the past, to coldly, brutally and entirely annihilate those who dared to handle powers beyond their means of control. That moment had come… they were on the verge and it was not to be allowed. Drop-pods ascended from the Underverse into real time planet-wide, falling from the skies in vast numbers, crushing everything in their path, full of their deadly, precise and unstoppable cargo. The pod bay doors opened, spilling the civilizational surgeons onto the planet surface, commencing their operation of maximum DAMAGE…

Disprove returns to Eatbrain in force with his DAMAGE EP, following up his hard-hitting anthems – FRQNCS and Tip Slip – from the Mirror Universe LP last year. Delivering his inimitable Brutalist style with perfectly crafted distortion and towering waves of bass, held together with dynamic and kinetic percussion. His highly anticipated arrival on the label with a full EP delivers fully against ravers’ expectations, showcasing the sound of aggressive perfection unique to this exceptionally talented producer and representing an entirely fresh and unique vision of the d&b spectrum.

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