Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Remix) / Break – Tubes – Valve Recordings


A brand new decade and Valve Recordings returns with the release of one the biggest drum & bass dubplates of the last few years. Now a staggering 22 years old the original ‘Hard Noize’ is classic Dillinja who brought in Bristol’s finest Break for the remix and the result is an absolute show stopper. Instantly recognizable, it gets the rewind every time. Also included is a new belter from Break, the Valve sound inspired ‘Tubes’ that thumps seriously hard.

Two of the most legendary names in Drum & Bass, Dillinja and Break, have teamed up to bring us an absolute master work top shelf gem out on Valve Recordings. Need to sooth the pains of isolation in dark times? I got you covered. Yeah, that’s a tough sales pitch to live up to. But, trust me on this….they do not disappoint.

The A side (This Side) ‘Hard Noize’ is a Dillinja classic that really is the epitome of his sound. Remixed by Break breathing new life into the music while maintaining the feel of the original. I recall an old BBC documentary where a studio engineer was lamenting that every time Dillinja came through to master a track he blew out his subs. “It’s almost like he’s trying to do it or something”. I’m fairly certain that this track totaled a few of them.

The subs…..oh dear lordy the subs on this one. The straight forward kick, snare high hat is so organic that it feels like a live drummer right there in the room with you. And did I mention how bad ass the subs are? They pitch up and down in a way that really is the hallmark of Dillinja‘s sound. Break does a masterful job of updating and reworking the production. Originally released on Dillinja‘s Test Recordings imprint back in 1998; it’s easy to hear why he picked this track to hail his recent return to the forefront of the genre. It really does capture the Valve sound that is uniquely Dillinja all the way.

The AA side (That side) ‘Tubes’ pays homage to that sound in a brand new way. And who better to bring onboard than a fellow sub killer like Break? This track is a minimal masterpiece with that sound from way back in the day of Drum & Bass. Back during Dillinja‘s early career when he had a bedroom crammed full of keyboards and so many speakers that he had to sleep on top of them. Yeah…like that. That sound.

Break does so much with so little on this track. With it’s simple straight forward drum line to it’s deadly deep subs. A wash of synth arp pad sweeps and tone changes with the subs at the breakdown. Just a vocal stab here and there and some drum fill touches. Not too complicated, but that sorta feels like it’s the whole point. This track sounds and feels like it came from that time, yet is still modern and forward thinking. A great addition to the Valve Recordings catalog that truly captures the sound Dillinja is pushing. And a perfect compliment to the other side.

This highly anticipated release has had listeners, DJs and producers alike waiting pensively for a while now. And it was well worth the wait.










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