Digital – Water Bucket EP Func42


If your familiar with Jungle Drum & Bass your definitely no stranger to the bad man that is Digital.
A consistent contributor of the modern incarnation of jungle.
Steve Digital has always pushed boundaries with his Function imprint.
This new release is no different with some modern classics that will have you jamming along through the whole experience

Rejection Remix
I’m sure many of you have heard it already on countless mixes as I have, this ones been in rotation for a minute now. The original tune was supposed to be a sister tune to Digital’s classic ”Gateman”. This remix definitely lives up to the original changing up the groove a bit and making it even more of a dance floor staple.

Water Bucket with Scott Taitoko
Water bucket is one of those tunes you’ll find yourself keeping on repeat for the first few plays as it has a seriously chill vibe that makes it very atmospheric and spacial. Strongly driven by a perfect Dub snare, The breakbeats keep you thumping throughout this flavorful little number.

Water Bucket Remix with Scott Taitoko
The remix definitely lives up to the original taking the warehouse Dubby vibes and giving it proper rolling Drum & Bass flavor

Lemon is the final track on the ep.
It closes you out with a tasteful punch of organized break rhythms that Digital is notorious for.
Dub delays for days on this one another guaranteed riddim.

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