Digga Bruck Shot Interview

Digga Bruck Shot

We speak with one of US DNB’s top MC’s in the game today, Digga Bruck Shot, just before hitting the road for his second WODNB tour.

Some of the folks out there may not know this but, you got your start in the UK while living in London during the ‘golden era’ of DNB. What brought you to living over there?
Fate maybe? Haha. No, actually Im from a military family. My father was stationed over there for awhile, I was just lucky enough to be at the right age to actually be able to explore England and more so London on my own. Usually against my parents wishes, I would be out for days at a time going to raves, crashing in weird hotels near Paddington train station and just doing whatever I wanted really, with a crew of kids doing the same thing hahaha….think the movie KIDS, just in London and all based around Drum & Bass.

Do think if you had not been exposed to UK DNB during that time that you may not be a DNB MC today?
I would say most likely not, before I was introduced to the DnB scene over there. I was really into ska and punk rock funny enough, I was a full blown skater kid. To be honest, when I first heard a DnB tape, I wasn’t sold on it right away. After giving it a few chances it started to really grow on me, I was listening to all kinds of tapes from different UK raves for a full year before I even went to one. So, I was already pretty hooked on it at that point, but from the minute I walked into my first DnB event, it was over. It was United Dance, I walked in, saw MC Det just destroying the place and right then and there I wanted to be involved in this thing, I never looked back really. That was 16 years ago.

Things started to really take off for you on a national scale once you linked up with Dave Gee and the Methods NYC crew. Can you tell us more about working with them?
Yeah, you could say that. I was already doing my thing DnB wise in NYC Id like to think, but linking up with Dave Gee, Methods and our Darkroom event definitely helped propel me. It was actually [DJ] Odi who linked me up with Dave and Methods. Odi and I were doing some traveling together doing gigs etc, he linked me up with Dave. Dave was on the dubstep thing at that point, he kind of brought me on board with him. Dubstep for me at that point really reminded me of UK Garage/ Grime, so I was definitely open to doing something a bit different from DnB. Dave Gee and I became really good friends, I helped him with Methods when I could and we ended up doing a lot of traveling playing dubstep shows together. We started the Darkroom parties with a collective of Brooklyn friends as well. So yea, at that time all of those things definitely pushed me to the forefront of bass music in general, not just DnB.

How did you get involved with working with DJ SS and the World of Drum & Bass guys?
Well, what can I say about DJ SS!?!?! I have nothing but love for the guy (even though he is a Man United fan). Firstly, the fact me and him are even friends is kinda crazy to me, I used to go to raves in the UK when I was 15 and he would be on a lot of the line ups, so its like a full circle thing I suppose. But yea, me and SS linked up in 2008. A friend of mine brought the WODNB tour to Richmond VA, at the time I was living in Va Beach and doing most of my DnB stuff in Richmond, Baltimore, DC etc. So we did the WODNB tour on a Monday night in Richmond Va with SS, Skibadee & Bassline Smith, to this day, probably one of the worst events attendance wise I have ever seen Hahaha!! But SS was real cool about it, he put me and my friend on the WODNB show in Miami that year and ever since then really we just became homies. I have been involved with WODNB on some level for 7 years now and whenever SS comes to the states we always link up on a couple shows, talk about life and plot moves hahaha!!!

WODNB 2015

How excited are you about this WODNB tour?
Yes man, very excited!! The WODNB Tour is a staple over here at this point. You can always count on a solid line up of quality artists. I think SS is always very on point with who he chooses to bring on board. I’m really happy to be on board again this year and actually hit a few places I haven’t been in awhile or even been to at all.

Is there any city you’re most looking forward to? I hear the tour was just picked up in Puerto Rico. That has to be one destination you can’t wait for.
I have to say, Las Vegas. I have never been to Las Vegas, when I say that, people always look at me like “Are you serious”. Yes, Im serious, I have never been to Las Vegas!!! But in all honesty, I look forward to all of them. I actually did Puerto Rico 2 years ago on the tour, so I’m really looking forward to getting back down there, the DnB heads down there are really on it and excited to have the tour down there. I’m also, of course, really hyped for the NYC date! I am co-promoting with BP2 and my partner Andrew Kim (Droosie) as Grade A. The NYC crew is looking really up for it and it’s looking like a ROADBLOCK!!

You recently just did a mix with Liondub for KoolLondon. Can you tell us about that?
Firstly, being able to even rock on Kool FM is a big deal for me, all the DJs/ MC’s I grew up listening to got their start on Kool FM. But yea, I have known Liondub for years at this point, just on the circuit and doing a few things here and there together. He invited me to do the show for the first time back in like May last year and since then I have been through a few different times. All the shows are recorded and archived on KoolLondon.com, the one we did recently was definitely our best one so far, so check it out!!! Its done pretty well on the Mixcloud charts. I don’t know what those charts mean, but hey, I’ll take it. I also gave you guys at DNB Vault a shout on there!!

Other than the tour I hear you have quite a few projects in the works.
A few yeah. Recently just recorded vocals for a couple collabs, one with Liminal and one with my homies Tambour Battant out in France. Also working on getting our label Profound Audio back on game, Trigon, Eshin and myself, we all kind of took a break to focus on other things and get our ducks in a row. Now is a good time to get back on track with the label and start pushing some music/ artists etc.

Digga, I know you’re a family man and are about to head out on this tour so thank you for stopping by to speak with us today!
I’d like to give a big shout to DNB Vault and the USDNB HUB. I think this has been a really great thing for US DNB. Personally I think DNB in the US is really coming together and really making moves toward a more unified atmosphere and thats a really great thing. Check out the WODNB Tour in your city! And finally I look forward to more great things coming from DNB Vault in the future! Big up!

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