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Dextone Interview

We sit down with Viper Recordings and Easy Records artist, Dextone, on the dawn of his latest release single “Don’t Need You / Septic Tank”.

For those that don’t know, tell us what Dextone is all about?
I’m predominately a Drum & Bass producer/DJ, but I also work on loads of projects with all genres of music. I got into producing Drum & Bass from going to raves/clubs and wanting to make the music I could hear at the parties. Then when you finally get to hear one of your tracks played in a club in front of 1000’s of people, it’s one of the best things you can do.

Tell us a bit about your musical background and influences.
I started playing the guitar when I was 10 which kind of led me to the path I’ve taken today. I grew up listening to my Dads CD collection – which mainly consisted of old rock music. I would sit there with a Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd Album and learn all of the songs on it. I got a pair of decks when I was 18 and after learning to mix decided to learn how to produce using Ableton.

You teamed up with Dj Phantasy on ‘No Way Out’ that’s just been released on Viper’s Sound Of Drum & Bass 2015 compilation, what was your approach to this track?
Me and Phantasy sat in the studio one day and decided we wanted to make a big dancefloor track with a ton of energy. Laid down the beat and created some dirty bassline and realised we were on to something decent. We had a rough mix which we were playing out that seemed to be working, so we went back in the studio and finished it. Phantasy then sent it to Futurebound and told us he wanted it for Viper.

You’re currently working with Harry Shotta and his live show and album, how did this come about? Will you be involved with the live show?
Well we done a Drum & Bass track a while back called Breaking Point, which started of from me writing an acoustic guitar riff. Harry then come up with some wicked vocal for it and the track was then used to end their ‘Harry Shotta Show’ sets.

Then as Phantasy was already part of the Show they wanted to create an album, so we started co-producing an album for the show which would showcase what the live performance was about. It’s in the finishing stages and will feature tracks from all different genres. The next stage would be when the album is complete is to turn it into a full live show with a band etc.

There’s a lot of quality Drum & Bass music out there, could you single out your top 5?
Thats tough as there’s so many. But these are some that really got me into Dnb.

Sub Focus – Timewarp
Orignal Sin – Therapy
Noisia – Stigma
Netsky – Memory Lane
Any old Chase & Status Druids etc

Drum & Bass in 2015 – thoughts?
Production has stepped up again massively this year already, as long as things carry on like this 2015 will be a massive year for Drum & Bass again.

Give us your top 3 venues to play at and why?
Concorde 2 – That place is always rammed, wicked night everytime I’ve played there.

A small club in Amsterdam called Winston – Everytime I’ve been there no matter what day of the week it is everyone is up for a proper party!

Factor in Bruges – Another venue where there is huge vibes every time.

Outside of Drum & Bass, what can you be found listening to?
I still love my old rock music, but I listen to everything really – doesn’t matter what genre it is, as long as its a good tune!

With such fierce competition and standards in the scene, how are you approaching the next few years?
Keep learning and progressing, work with different artists and try to be diverse in what music I make.

Any shouts?
Big up to Phantasy, Harry Shotta, Futurebound, Kirsty (who has to put up with the noise 24/7) and anyone else who has supported me so far!

For more information on Dextone
Dextone on Facebook
Dextone on Soundcloud

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