Despicable Youth’s Top 5 Liquid DNB Tracks


Following the success of Himalia’s album ‘Distances’ and the subsequent inclusion of ‘So Long Ago’ on the seminal Cafe Del Mar 21, ‘Distances Remixed’ becomes the cadaver for a number of handpicked producers for Pegdoll. This latest project rides the waves of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Electronica, Future Garage and House music.

The reinterpretation of ‘Distances’ delves deeper into Himalia’s psyche, providing a fresh perspective that complements the original release and beyond.

The opening gambit is the Bristol duo Despicable Youth with ‘Distances’, reinvigorating the album title track and who’s Drum’n’Bass credentials continue to rise due to support from Loadstar and Friction. We caught up with the two to get to know their Top 5 Liquid DNB tracks of all time.

Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic

We couldn’t decide on what Calibre or High Contrast song to put in (as there are too many classics) so this one seemed only fit. We dare anyone to not have a smile on their face when this comes on in the dance.

Spectrasoul – III Note Soul

This was one of the first Spectrasoul tracks we heard and is also one that open our eyes up to this style of drum & bass, previous to this we were into a lot of ‘questionable’ styles shall we say; styles that we laugh at today. But this song for us brings together a great use of sampling and simple elements to make something bigger than its counterparts and also delivers that classic liquid vibe.

Halogenix – Her Waves

His simple approach to what we would class as a more ‘modern liquid’ sound is something we try and incorporate with some of our production and among many other songs of his ‘Her Waves’ is a track that makes you feel something; it is delicate but still has an impact in the club. It’s a track I can’t ever see us taking out of our set selection.

S.P.Y – By Your Side

Banger. There are VERY few songs within drum & bass that can make someone cry but we know this to be true. I honestly don’t think we need to say too much more, it is a timeless piece of music and no doubt helped shape a lot of the drum & bass in recent years.

Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)

Although this one is more of a crossover from the early Bristol sound into Liquid, we wanted to add it in as our final track. Great rework of a classic song and is another one that lights up faces when it’s dropped.

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