Demo Interview


DNB Vault caught up with Seattle based producer and Onset resident DEMO for some insight into his release on Onset Audio, which hit the stores this week.

How long have you been DJing and producing?
I started djing out in 1998. My first release was put out on NX Beat UK in 2002.

Would you say that your location has an influence on your music?
I’d say living in the Pacific Northwest has a big influence with my sound. Not sure how or what, but it does. Dark and gray here, maybe.

On your recent release, which comes out today on Onset Audio, you’ve put together 2 haunting and moody tunes.

Tinted, a minimal dark & moody stepper, kicks off with ghostly synth chords that interplay with sinister dark stabs and an alluring female vocal sample.

Hot Box, a menacingly playful, off tempo and minimal stomper filled with dark riffs and samples.

What were your influence on these tunes?

‘Tinted’ has a heavy Photek influence to it. This was just a way for me to pay homage to that “knocky” sound from that era that I love.

‘Hotbox’ has a hip-hop’ish vibe and was me just having fun with my first tune in a new studio.

Aside from this release what can we expect in the future?
I have a forthcoming E.P. on Genome Records and a new project with Homemade Weapons called S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers) that we have started working on.

Any last words or shout outs?
Big up to Onset, DnB Tuesday, DnB Fans, Sounders FC, and myself (lol)

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