DC Breaks – Halo / Mankind 2019- Viper Recordings


Nine years after the release of their pivotal ‘Halo’ E.P on Viper, DC Breaks are revisiting two of their oldest and most well-loved releases, ‘Mankind’ and ‘Halo’. A celebration of the duo’s long and incredibly successful career that has seen releases on Viper, Ram, Virgin and more, DC Breaks return to the label where it all started for something really special. 

‘Halo VIP’ is a reimagining of their debut EP’s title track, maintaining the powerful atmosphere of the original but making it bigger and better than ever before. In revisiting the classic tune, the duo have been able to amp things up a notch, blasting their way through 2019 with this killer dancefloor weapon. By going back to their roots and using everything they’ve learned in the past decade, DC Breaks are able to deliver such a special, seminal release that will attract old and new fans alike. 

‘Mankind 2019’ is another shining example of how far DC Breaks have come since its initial release. Capturing the energy and feel of the original, DC Breaks have infused a plethora of new sounds and techniques into the mix for a result that is exciting and fresh while still paying homage to their roots. Although DC Breaks certainly set the bar high with their initial release in 2010, the duo’s creativity and skills have unquestionably reached new heights. 

While fans of drum & bass are often treated to VIPs of their favourite tunes, it’s not often a talent as prolific as DC Breaks is able to respectfully reimagine not just one, but two timeless tunes, in the way that DC Breaks have managed to. Exuding new levels of energy and creativity, these two tracks are set to demolish dancefloors across the globe, and are the perfect celebration of the duo’s roots on the label. 
Released March 1, 2019 on Viper Recordings