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Dave Owen Interview

Over the past few years, Dave Owen has gained the attention of the Drum & Bass world with tunes like Still Waters, Don’t Front with production partner Jaybee and Deep Breathin, to name a few. Now coming off one of his biggest years in 2014, the Liquid V producer sets his sights on new production projects following a recent world tour.

We caught up with the soulful DNB aficionado, and always comical, Dave Owen to chat about touring, upcoming releases, scrambled eggs and mimosas.

Name & rank?
Dave Owen, Eternal Selector

You have quite an ear for melodies and soulful samples. Please tell us about your musical up bringing and what you were listening to growing up?
Besides a little piano, it was all radio. As cliche as it sounds, [I listened to] most stuff except country and opera

How did you get turned on to Jungle/DNB?
I was living in the UK in the late 80s/early 90. [Jungle/DnB] were an emerging part of the culture at that time which I was exposed to it as it was happening, via radio, tv, my cousins and friends in school. [They] had older brothers and sisters who would lend us mix tapes and talk about the raves from the previous weekend. I was too young to be going out at the time but musically I was hooked.

You‘ve been on a little U.S. bender with Jaybee.. how was that?
Well for starters, Jaybee cooks the best scrambled eggs you ever done had! Haha, seriously [though] we’ve had an awesome time, great to see strong scenes all around the country working hard to push things forward.

Speaking of touring.. You have been all around the world from Thailand, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Dublin London, Bucharest to name a few place. How were the receptions?
The receptions were stellar, don’t think we’ve ever had a poor one.

What were some of your favorite cities and why?
Bangkok – There’s a lovely mix of locals and ex-pats working together to support and build the scene, it’s a relatively cheap city and the food is incredible

Berlin – Such an incredible counter-culture on offer, art, music, food, plus most [people] are quite friendly and helpful.

Shanghai – An enormous city of epic proportions, but we found again that the locals and ex-pats were all working hard together to make awesome parties and there were limitless options for food (do you see a trend here? #nom)

Prague – I like Prague because it’s feels ‘edgy’. Incredible architecture, good beer, loads of DnB parties going on and the people are awesome!

How do foreign scenes compare to US scenes?
Really just depends on the promoter these days, some places you [that] wouldn’t expect much from end up having insane parties because they’ve worked hard to cultivate that interest. Other places which have well established scenes can struggle on any given night if the right elements aren’t in place.

For our readers that are into music production, can you please describe your studio set up and your production routine?
Laptop, headphones, mimosas.

What are you currently working on?
Just started about 10-12 tracks w/ Jaybee and Zere while on the road so we’re busy getting these ‘sketches’ fleshed out and mixed down. [I’m also] working on a few things for the V Records camp, which should be up shortly. As well as new tunes for Fokuz and Prestige

Who are some of your favorite upcoming producers?
I’d have to say Zere, Londy, SATL, Revival

I know you have some R&B/Hip Hop roots… With that said what are your current Top 5 tunes R&B/Hip Hop/Soul Tunes?
1. ‘Sade’s Taboo’ – Tall Black Guy
2. ‘Live-ation’ – Hawk House
3. ‘In The Spot’ – Jay Dilla
4. ‘Live In Me’ – Jesse Boykins III
5. ‘Inner City Blues’ – Bugged

While we are on the topic of R&B/Hip Hop/Soul … You have a series “Dave Owen’s Bootleggers Delight” Last year, you released Vol. #4. Are there plans for a Bootleggers Delight. Vol. 5?
Yes, Bootleggers Delight. Vol. 5 will be up very soon, just finishing up the artwork and we’re good to go! [Stay posted to twitter and Facebook]

Would you like to give any parting shouts?
Shouts to you and yours rudeboy, thanks for the interview – big up the DNB Vault massive!

I’ll leave you with some wise words from a wise man…
“Never stop selecting..”
-Nikolai Bordokoff, 2015-

For more information on Dave Owen
Dave Owen on Facebook
Dave Owen on Twitter
Dave Owen on Soundcloud

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