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Dan Guidance – Top 5 Special Festival Tracks

The Technique Recordings Summer compilation always marks the start of summer, sun and fun and their 2017 release doesn’t disappoint. 51 banging tracks and 2 DJ mixes thrown on for good measure. Summer also marks the start of festival season and Dan Guidance has given us his top 5 special festival tracks. He also gave us a few words…

“These are a list of 5 tracks, heard live at festivals that have a special place in my heart for various reasons and will always be in my memory.

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1) Underworld – Rez (Glastonbury)
I remember this so well. Glastonbury 1999 I think, when you could still get in for free. The sun was rising, and Underworld started with Rez, my favorite track of theirs, and it just kicked right off. I love the arp they use. The sound, the melody…it’s so distinct, when it kicks in you know its Rez straight away. The track just oozes euphoria for me. The visuals by Tomato were wicked as well, proper immersive. Probably by favorite festival moment, best memory, best tune (this will no doubt play at my funeral!)


2) Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head (Glastonbury)
Another very special Glastonbury moment. When I first heard Rage, I was immediately hooked. I loved the raw energy, lyrics, and funky yet aggressive style. So, me and my mates had to go and see them when they played Glastonbury. I remember crowd surfing most of the gig. Getting passed to the front, getting back in the crowd and doing it all over again. This song in particular was the highlight. The breakdown, buildup and final release of energy sends shivers down my spine, and it’s what Rage do best!



3) Orbital – Chimes (Glastonbury)
Yet Another special Glasto 94 moment. We had managed to score some nice Welsh mushrooms, and went to see Orbital play one of their legendary Glastonbury sets. I remember the lights and visuals being on point. I love the Acid 303 squelch in Chime, and the simple anthemic riff. There is no wonder they are the festival staple.


4) Portico Quartet – Knee Deep In The Deep Sea (Aeon)
I have seen Portico Quartet many times, but Aeon, a small festival in Devon, was the first and definitely the most special and memorable (Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clip, so used one at a different festival) It was the first time I had heard anyone play a hang drum, and I fell in love with the sound. I watched them in a pretty hazy state in awe. I liked Jazzy hiphop and Jazzy DnB before, but this was the first time I really felt this sort of Jazz, and I loved it. I really like the fact that they are playing seemingly different melodies and rhythms, but tie it all together so effortlessly. The evolution of the tracks and set take you on a real journey.


5) Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag (Arcadia Spectacular / Bristol / 2015)
Though I’d better choose a DnB and recent-ish one! What can I say… Roni in his home town, playing on Arcadia spider in their home town, to us in ours. Really nice vibe. Dazee played a storming warm up, and Roni delivered in a spectacular way. Brown Paper Bag has always had a special place in my heart. It may have even got me into DnB (along with some Moving Shadow stuff).. it is one of those anthems, everyone knows it, and when its played, everyone moves their feet. Blend this with an Arcadia show, and a lovely crowd and you get pure vibes. A special time when you think.. I love my town!

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