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D* Minds & InsideInfo – 800

A festive treat from the RUN crew as D*Minds and InsideInfo drop the big stinky ‘800’ on 26th December to accompany all your left over turkey. Merry Christmas!

From their legendary RUN raves to their award-winning trailer scores via years of incendiary d’n’b club records, D*Minds operations run deep in all directions. But one thread runs consistently through every benchmark they’ve set: their dedication to their craft.

Minds over matter: Alistair Vickery and Jon Midwinter’s sights have been set high since they emerged in the late 90s right in the thick of Bristol’s most explosive musical movement and swiftly became a prominent force in the new wave of Bristol’s rich breakbeat culture throughout the whole of the 2000s to this day. Seminal releases and collaborations such as ‘T-10’, ‘Give It To Me’, ‘Jump’ and ‘Mr Happy’ (to name a few) had a major influence on the genre and have become heavily-drawn for anthems to this day. As the label that gave the world d’n’b major league heavyweight TC and key productions from the likes of S.P.Y and Marky, DJ Hazard and Jakes, their D-Style imprints and sister labels Hench and Stereotype had the same impact.

Now with RUN established as both one of the UK’s most trusted raves and the new label, D*Minds have returned to the craft that originally inspired them and trigged this whole journey in the first place. Touring more as DJs and unleashing more of their incendiary records than they have since the mid 2010s, D*Minds operations have never run so deep or so dedicated.





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