Cyantific Interview


DJ Seen reviews Cyantific’s latest off of Viper Recordings, High Water Mark, and catches up with the producer for a quick interview.

You ended 2014 with the club remix of the Brookes Brothers tune “Anthem” which was huge on the dance floor, now you are kicking off 2015 with a new massive single on Viper. Can you tell us about your relationship with Viper Recordings?
They’re a great team to be a part of. I feel really at home here. The vibe is really good and encouraging.

You are working on a full length LP for Viper, when can we expect this to be completed and what kind of vibes should the fans expect?
I’m taking my time with it. It’s just about writing as much as possible at the moment. I’ve got a clear idea of what I want it to sound like. My favorite kind of music to make is the more musical 80’s influenced stuff. I feel like I’ve strayed a bit far from that at times, so I really want to focus on that.

You’ve been at it for quite some time now, have you made any changes to your studio since you started or perhaps to the approach you take on when writing a tune?
I try to approach each tune differently. If you do the same thing and expect to get a different result you’re in for a shock. I’d get really bored if I worked the same way each time!

You’ve done quite a few remixes in the past, are there any new remixes in the works? And if not, is there an artist that you would love to rework? DNB and non DNB?
I’ve just finished a remix for Oliver Heldens. It was quite a tricky one to get right, but I’m pleased with the result. Reworking house tracks to DnB is a challenge because of the tempo. If I could remix someone outside of DnB I’d probably go for Chromeo or someone like that.

Cyn – Music is your own record label, we have seen some great releases on there, now that you are signed exclusive to Viper will that make a difference in what you are able to release on Cyn-Music?
I left the label as an artist, and a business partner some time ago.

Wow, we were not aware of that, i guess you learn something new every day, you have a pretty good fan base in the states, any plans on touring the states any time soon?
I don’t have any plans just yet – I’ve got to renew my visa first!

Thank you for your time and if you want to shout anyone, this is the time to do so!
Thank you very much guys. Big up all the people playing, buying and listening to my music

Cyantific – High Water Mark

Cyantifics latest release on the massive Viper Recordings is a great set starter, the guitar hook reminiscent of some old heavy metal vibes gets your blood pumping until the drop when this tune turns into a dancerfloor heavy hitter! Another amazing release for Cyantific, we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with for his full length album.

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