Current Value – Time Gap EP – Blackout Music NL


“For me, the Time Gap EP represents an evolution of some of the ideas that I started to explore with the Nitro EP a few years ago. These tracks carry the cutting-edge heavy energy of that EP but threaded through and advanced with modern concepts and some of the evolved production techniques that I’ve recently been exploring. I hope you enjoy it!” – Tim Current Value

Feel free to play on radio, podcasts, live streams or even clubs (lucky NZ..)

Dive right into it and let us know what you think!

Current Value’s recent effort ‘Time Gap’ on Blackout Music NL is an experimental effort that indeed sounds as if it comes from the future.

The EPs namesake stutters and stammers, yet somehow grooves as if you just stepped out of the portal and are still getting your bearings straight. Followed up by ‘Operator’ which I can only really describe as “angular” music. It’s uneasy listening for uneasy people and I love it. An uphill rhythm accented by screaming tortured synth waves. Lots of action going on in the background. Whose driving this thing? ‘Planar’ keeps us wondering which way things are gonna go. Like mad cycles completely out of control. Is someone driving? There must be right? Warping in and out so you can’t really tell where one cycle begins and another ends. Driving? Yeah the groove is driving alright to say the least. But, where the hell are we going? We wind up in the end at ‘Deadspot’ which has an epic intro of ethereal yet menacing atmospherics. Ever quickening cycles of arp pads over the drums and a drop that just jumps you sideways. Chaos ensues and all hell breaks loose. Are we moving forwards or backwards in time? Or is it space? Oh yeah….I almost forgot….it’s a continuum.

The mad scientist Current Value should be proud. And I’m quite sure Blackout Music NL is happy to have him and his fiendish devices in their lab.


Current Value

Blackout Music NL