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Current Value - Biocellulose LP

Current Value is a name that has continuously set high standards for the nuro/tech sound. They return to the stage with their BIOCELLULOSE LP. This is nothing to shake a stick at. Trademark banging beats, huge twisted basslines and colab’s mefjus and phace arguably 2 of the best in the biz are just some parts of the stellar LP. Remixes offerings come from Anode and Enei, so you already know this is going to be a beast on the floor!

“Senescence” featuring Mefjus, opens with a filtered synth line, militant drums and a sci fi vocal sample till dropping into a dirty twisted analog ripper of a mid range line. The Worm break sits firmly at the bottom of the rhythim section anchoring the vibe perfectly

A colab with Phace is next! “Thump” opens with massive horns, announcing the presence of greatness to come! The tune goes quiet till a skippy drum loop and chords set the pace. Congast introduce a classic knoflict feeling tune. One for the steppers for sure!

The title track “BIOCELLULOSE” is next. Dreamy top end synths mesh with a shuffling drum line. Till the breakdown lets a growling analog bass rumble its way over thickened loops of funk! Spaced out pads layer in the atmosphere reminding one of classic underfire or the ram trilogy sounds of the 90s!

“Changes” is next. An urgent keyboard pad sits atop precise drums. All the while a stab grows in the distance till the tune explodes with a analog tear out of electric mid range and a massive sub. A vocal loop rounds out the teched up vibe and adds a sing along element to an already killer track!

“Footwork” sounds like LFO found their way to a BP2 event and made an anthem for the heads! Rough and tough drums, a throbbing bassline, and just the right amount of energy create a stormer! Erie pads creep back in making this one perfect for the dancefloor or the clostrophobic nightmares of Roy Batty!

“Interstep” is next. An almost metallic stab opens the track as Star Trek’esque pads layer the vibe. Running drums lead the charge into the interstellar war zone of Laser mid range, rumbling bass and aggressive drum change ups!

The Enei remis of “jump” is next up. In typical Enei style the twisted bline is supported by a massive ground rumbling sub. Millitant drums match up with the sci fi pads and create an intense foundation for the “run and jump” vocal. The breakdown is the one to watch on this remix. Bringing the tune to new heights with classic hoover stabs and a tension filled build!

The original version of “Jump” lets you know exactly what to do. The bass pushes you to move your feet while the mids ride a tweaked out melody. “jump” the voice says and you for sure will!

“Pneumatics” is featured next in its original and Anode remix forms. The remix is a violent take on a massive tune. Steppy, strong and relentless! The original version featured next is a triplet note killer. One that will make any head nod. Stuttered stabs meet a drum line that is chopped to hell! Pads and arppegiators round out this offering. This one is going to be a killer!

“Sleeper” is the furthest thing from the truth. Pads open, the drums kick it up a notch, then the b line brings havoc to an already expectant dance floor! Stutter edits allow for some interesting mixing opportunities for the djs as the tune bubbles into a techy stomper!

Finally “Villigant Minds” Opens with up all night style bleeps. Till a ripper of a mid line comes into play. Rewinds will be instant and multiple on this one. Rough drums drop in hard and fast while the tunes bubbles to a fever pitch! The perfect way to close a stellar LP!

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