Culture Shock Interview

Culture Shock

Culture Shock makes his Sunbeatz debut this year, and plays Ibiza for the first time, in this interview he gives an insightful tips on music production, why his commercial success hasn’t changed him and his love of the underground, and wanting to see Dillinja while he’s in Ibiza.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, so where are you right now?
South of France

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the RAM family?
It’s a great pool of talent, we keep each other on our toes in terms of production and playing shows together is always fun.

How does it feel to be playing at RAM Ibiza at ‘Privilege’ the World’s biggest Superclub?
Very exciting, I love hanging out in Ibiza but this will be my first time playing there, plus it’s the world biggest superclub!

So let’s talk ‘City Lights’ Has the commercial success of the track changed things for you as an artist?
I don’t think so, when I’m writing music I don’t sit down In the studio with the aim of writing a hit. I just get a groove going and jam until I catch a vibe. My next release is going to be on a much more underground tip.

You made the track in 2010, as an artist has your production evolved a lot since then. Was it difficult to revisit something you made years ago?
Yeah I think you’re always learning with production so I’ve defiantly evolved. With that track I was always after a classic sound, using timeless production techniques that don’t date. It can be difficult practically working with old project files as there are always parts missing and software updates can change old elements. It can also be tricky to get back the vibe you were in, when making the track originally. The most productive part of writing a tune is always in the first few days.

Did you always want to make Electronic Music?

You’re playing on lots of multi-genre line-ups these days, how does it feel to be playing for a Sunbeatz, Ibiza’s only D&B event?
It’s always great to be playing for the heads, they know the classics and are always keen to hear new sounds.

Are there any other events you are looking forward to seeing at Sunbeatz?
I’m not sure how long I’m out there yet but Dillinja is a legend and I always love to see what he’s playing

We’re really feeling your recent remix of Grades – ‘King’ – What else have you got coming up?
I’m just putting the finishing touches to an EP which should be out fairly soon.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us!
Thanks, see you out there!!!

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