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Critical Impact – Sound Boy Killa LP

Critical Impact continues to make it’s mark on DnB this year after the highly anticipated release of Pitch Black featuring Coppa, followed by Pretty Girl and MK Ultra. All of which have set him apart as a chart topping producer.

This LP continues the trend, gathering those hits and adding to the arsenal of releases from Critical Impact with tracks such as Code Break feat Coppa (yet again) to the albums names sake SoundBoy Killa feat Youngman to the defiant Middle Finger feat Trigga. Eyes Wide Shut feat Coppa is my kind of rock steady snare backed growler. All sure to become definitive tracks of a sound that is dominating dance floors around the world. Is it possible for tracks to be a listening favorite and a dance floor hit? Why not both? This album makes a statement and answers this question with a resounding and definitive: HELL YES!

After months of anticipation Soundboy Killa is finally ready to drop on RUN December 6th, 2019.

Critical Impact is known in DnB producer circles as one of the hardest working guys in showbiz. His work ethic proceeds him. And this has been a good year for him as his time has come. All of the stars in his world have seemed to align just right and at just the right time. Obscurity is something he will not know much about any more.

He has always turned heads since early on, getting the attention of the likes of Fabio & Grooverider. Releases on the likes of Metalheadz, CIA and Playaz soon followed.

Always known for his work with vocalists, having collaborated with Carasel, Longman, Jakes and others throughout his career, late 2017 and early 2018 saw him take his style to unprecedented heights.  His collaboration with Break and Skibadee, “Creeper”, became an immediate anthem, rolled out and rewound by A-list selectors from across the scene spectrum. 

Pay close attention to him.  He’s on the way up.  




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