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Crissy Criss is about to present the 2nd unveiling of his forthcoming debt LP, released through his ‘War on Silence’ imprint. After announcing the label’s creation earlier this year, it’s been a central point for Crissy’s creative process. Making his mark on the Radio 1 drum & bass slot, he’s become a reputable figurehead, who’s gone from a tastemaker to an artist releasing his own dynamic offerings. Over the years he’s carved himself not just into the radio and DJing side of dance music, but his production standards have also reached an enviable level. The album he’s about to unleash onto the audience that have watched his career’s progression is an astounding feat, although it’s also something which is to be expected from an artist who’s spent the entirety of his working life having a monumental impact on one of electronic music’s most long-standing genres.

‘Need you Now’ is a vocal take on the dancefloor led appeal of Crissy’s work. The track is an instant set lightener, the type of record which would stand as the peak of any DJ set, motioning to the crowds who flood club spaces every weekend and showing Crissy’s understanding of how you command them. With distorted vocal snippets running their way throughout the record’s mix, one which is diligently woven yet still easily accessible, ‘Need you Now’ is an eagle-eyed look into the sonic world which Crissy has spent time painstakingly creating. Alongside its pitching synthesis, weighty drums which roll one onto the next and the uplifting throws of its bassline, Crissy’s most recent endeavour nods to the versatile track listing which is set to drop. Having already been introduced to its first offering, the anticipation around this LP will reach boiling point before release.

After the initial announcement of ‘War on Silence’ as well as the news that Crissy will capitalize on its success through his forthcoming album, this year has signified a turning point for the DJ and producer. Already a remarkable force, Crissy is unmistakably reaching a new marker, one which will redefine what it is to have influence within the contemporary music scene.

One of Drum and Bass’ most important ambassadors, Crissy Criss has become an established force both in the studio and the DJ booth. A versatile leader for the genre as a whole, Crissy is now a household name in broadcasting, DJing and production across the globe.

The DJ
Hailing from Leytonstone, Crissy Criss was constantly exposed to pioneers of the primordial Drum and Bass scene, and given the best start possible for a certified D&B selector. Given his first pair of decks at five by his step father Kenny Ken, Crissy’s mum was also the founder of the DJ Agency Ton Management. Home to the likes of Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Rap, Ratpack, EZ Rollers, Peshay and Stevie Hyper D, the musical environment was a huge influence for a young DJ – and proved instrumental in his later career. After hanging round with Drum and Bass’ brightest lights, it was no surprise that Crissy soon became interested in following the Drum and Bass heroes he admired.

Crissy’s first gigs were played to an empty room, sneaking into Kenny Ken’s studio when he wasn’t home – but it was at the tender age of barely nine that his career began its meteoric ascent. After months of dedicated practise and lots of broken turntable needles, Crissy’s first gig as a DJ came without warning – at an empty Festival at The Essex Show ground. A last minute replacement for Kenny Ken, Crissy ended up playing alongside the likes of Andy C and GQ – names he would regularly be associated with in the future. Four years later aged 13, Crissy had his first ever DJ booking. Handpicked by the mighty DJ Zinc, Crissy warmed up the legendary ‘End’ club for a line up that included Mampi Swift, Bad Company and Andy C. In 2001, Crissy also began playing abroad – solidifying his position as an international top DnB DJ. Since then, Crissy Criss has continued to be a force behind the decks, smashing crowds worldwide every weekend earning him many ‘Best DJ’ nominations at numerous Drum&Bass Award ceremonies.

The Broadcaster
As well as delighting crowds in live events, Crissy began to use his ear to play the best tunes on the airwaves. Getting his first break on the legendary underground pirate station Kool FM at only 10 years old, Crissy took his first steps to becoming one of DnB’s most important broadcasters. Regularly playing with Low Down Deep’s Logan D at the age of 15, Crissy soon graduated from Kool FM, stepping up to BBC’s national Radio 1. The youngest DJ presenter to ever grace the BBC’s flagship station, Crissy Criss first started on ‘The Residency’, An idea championed by Pete Tong. the Residency saw the likes of other dance music heavyweights such as Eddie Halliwell, Nic Fanciulli & Kutski share a weekly radio slot. After three years, Radio 1Xtra bosses realised what the likes of Kenny Ken and Kool FM already knew, and gave Crissy his own permanent show on BBC Radio 1Xtra in 2007.

Since then Crissy Criss flew the flag for Drum and Bass on the BBC, with his weekly Radio 1Xtra show delighting listeners for a total of ten years. Breaking new artists on the biggest stage, Crissy Criss helped kick start the careers the likes of Netsky, Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, Flux Pavillion, Doctor P, FuntCase, Metrik, Mind Vortex, Fred V & Grafix, SPY, Dimension and many more become iconic names for those in the know. As well as servicing the underground, the 1Xtra show also attracted many mainstream accolades – including a Sony Radio Award nomination for his ‘Story of the Amen Break’ documentary.

Injecting new energy into Drum and Bass, Crissy Criss showed D&B in a new light, with popular features such as ‘I’m An MC Get Me Out Of Here’ and ‘Evolution of Drum&Bass’ appealing to bass veterans and newcomers alike. The epitome of Crissy’s work for the genre, Radio 1Xtra’s recent ‘D&B Soundclash’ drew in more listeners than ever, pitting established labels against each other in a celebration of bass music’s rich diversity.

Keeping the BBC’s flagship urban station on the pulse of underground music, Crissy led 1Xtra to 3 Best Radio Station awards at the prestigious Drum&Bass Awards in 2008, 2009, 2013 and also securing himself in the top Best Radio Show category 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Using his undeniable mixing talent and respected position, Crissy Criss has become an ambassador for D&B – representing the genre at numerous 1Xtra Live gigs alongside the likes of Alesha Keys, Disclosure, Chase & Status and more.

Crissy has also gone on to champion Drum&Bass sound across the airwaves since on Kiss FM & Kiss Fresh covering DJ Hype up until July 2018

The Producer
Like many DJ’s, Crissy Criss soon caught the producing bug. Beginning his beat making with the Back2Basics label in 2004. It wasn’t long before Crissy soon found a home at Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s ‘Technique Recordings’. Regularly releasing his own tracks from 2010, including the huge ‘Give You The World’ album with Youngman, releases on a multitude of labels soon followed.

As one half of experimental bass music project’s DeadExit and Est1987, Crissy has also remixed the likes of DJ Snake, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Deekline, FuntCase, Cookie Monsta, DDoubleE, as well as Flux Pavilion and DJ Snake.

In 2016 Crissy Criss dominated the scene with his remix of TC’s ‘Next Hype’ featuring Malux & Erb N Dub which would grab itself a nomination for ‘Best Remix’ at the Drum&Bass Arena Awards and strong support from legends like Ram Records boss Andy C, Sigma, Noisia, Hazard, The Upbeats, DJ Marky, in fact – everyone! After grabbing the attention of the dance floor Crissy, Malux & Erb N Dub would then go on to cook up another surefire weapon in 2017 on ‘Get Hype Records’ remixing The Prototypes anthem ‘Rocket Gunz Blazin’.

Now, after a discography encompassing D&B, Dubstep, House, HipHop and a Top 40 co-produced track with Shy FX for ‘Yasmin – On My Own’, Crissy Criss is now ready to start a fresh new chapter in his production story.

A statement of intent, Crissy’s brand new label ‘War On Silence‘ is set to be the permanent home for future productions and signing exciting up and coming talent in the Drum&Bass scene.



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