Coppa – Leap of Faith – Korsakov Music


A bold new direction as Coppa remakes himself in his own image with this debut EP on Korsakov Music. Few MCs have the recognition and respect that Coppa commands in the world of Drum and Bass. He demonstrates to us all why and shows us how. The man who has collaborated with almost everyone who is anyone pulls it all together in one amazing showcase.

Coppa is one of the most recognized names in Drum and Bass and an absolutely legend of a name. With one of the most recognizable voices and styles in the game. It’s not often you hear of an MC releasing an album as a producer under their own name. And this isn’t his first with ‘Poetry in Motion’ (Audioporn 2018) and ‘Act of Aggression’ (Comanche Records, 2015). But, then again, Coppa is a talent that doesn’t happen very often. Partnering with Korsakov Music and several years in development, the album is a tour de force of styles.

‘Fuel’ starts us out with vocals sounding epic out of the gates. Coppa comes in with his one and only voice and swells to the drop…..just kidding…’s mellow synths and more vocals on the horizon. A smooth drop and we’re rolling with a stepper drum line and orchestral strings in the background. At the breakdown the vocals return and things take it up a notch with synth keys building. This is liquid anthem if I’ve ever heard one.

‘Too Far’ starts us out with female vocals at the intro. Slides right into the drop and Coppa‘s lyrics. Nice rolling groove with building subs in the background as it builds to the breakdown brings back the female vocals. The story returns after and Coppa shows a masterful command of style and pace that plays back and forth with the vocals.

‘Rocksteady’ starts us out with those reggae vibes and Jamaican accents. Some serious Jungle vibes here that would play great at any beach party. But, since we can’t do that right now….let’s just let the music take us there shall we? An around the world track with lyrics to match. Pretty sure that Coppa has done gigs in every city he lists.

‘Donnie Brascos’ rolls in with those reggae sounds in the background at the intro but takes a hard left turn at the drop. Big reese sounds, slapping snares and subs that belong on a main stage. The breakdown gives us a breather and some atmosphere and jumps right back in for the second half.

‘Shadows’ leads in with rolling synth keys and airy vocals. Coppa brings the heavy and off we go. Sharp snares and rumbling bass in the background. Airy vocals return to carry us to the breakdown. This one has a really nice bounce that carries it all the way through. The interplay between the vocalist and Coppa on all of these tracks is really a thread all the way though the EP.

The EPs name sake ‘Leap of Faith’ and it’s remix onboard by The Outsiders, isn’t in any hurry….in fact…saved it for last. Not rushing to the drop either. Takes it’s time. Again, we have the dialog of vocals that really gives great contrast to Coppa‘s heavy voice. This track is really more of a DnBallad when it really comes down to it. But, you can really tell they put a lot of thought into building the instrumentation. What I like in particular with the arrangements is the organic minimal drums. If you want to dance to this one, I recommend the remix.

Very unique song writing. And not at all what I expected from Coppa or Korsakov Music to be honest. He’s definitely developed new range and style on this EP. And a new benchmark for Korsakov Music.



Korsakov Music