THE CLASSICS REVISITED – Omni Trio – “Renegade Snares” Moving Shadow 1993


Omni Trio – “Renegade Snares” Moving Shadow 1993

In this new ongoing series at the DnBVault we will be revisiting some of the tunes that defined the sound of Drum and Bass/Jungle for us all. Regardless of what some may think the music actually has been around a lot longer than just the birth of the Neuro sound in the early 2000’s. The same names you know for being cutting edge tech producers were cutting their teeth with Intelligent, Jump Up, Rollers, and ‘Ardcore Breakbeat.

In 1993 Rob Haigh had already had some success with 2 previous ep’s on the Growing Moving Shadow label. “Mainline” and “Mystic Steppers” were pushing the boundaries of ‘Ardcore. well “Mystic Steppers” was a tune that seriously defined what was to become the classic Omni Trio sound. Airy synths, soothing strings, and twisted breakbeats were the ingredients that Haigh used to create dancefloor anthems that have transcended age. You can play an Omni Trio tune at any DnB/Jungle event and it will stand out, while reminding the dance floor of the nu-birth of cool.

Omni Trio Volume 3 contained 4 cuts. 2 versions of the title track “Renegade Snares” as well as “Future Frontier” and “Be There” However the obvious standout on the EP was “Renegade Snares” The Original Mix being the second on the Y side of the disk. It opens with a simple 3 note piano melody. The Melody is backed with strings matching the notes. And a glisten of looped sound that builds with a reverse hat to an urgent drum loop. Simple and precise, every snare and kick are placed intentionally. Pitch bent snare rolls and an 808 bass work in concert to keep the heads down but the spirit high. Only after a solid intro of stepping beats and bass the coup de grace is unleashed “TAKE ME UP! COME ON TAKE ME UP!” Vocals that no Junglist or fan of Drum & Bass will ever forget. The vocal appears and takes the tune right to the top of the set. The tune rolls out properly from then on with a small bridge change up that falls back into the vocal perfectly. From London, to New York to L.A. to Tokyo this tune touched the hearts and should of Ravers everywhere! Remixes from High Contrast in the early 2000’s, Foul Play in the 90’s As well as Aquasky in 2003 have done well to bring this tune back to the masses. However the original version is a masterpiece. Untouchable for its time. Proof that Omni Trio defined one part of what we now call Drum & Bass