Clashtone – Ninja Scroll EP – EATBRAIN


A burning haze, hangs heavy under the low slung beams of the passing stars. Gravity fights and pulls with the dying light before letting it slide into the FADED tops of the trees. On the outer shelf of the disk on Stavrogen, the forests transform into smokey, swarming metropolis’s full of devils. Eviscerated souls come in and out of view, vanishing as they pass through the ether – the metamorphism of each SHAPESHIFTER is complete as night tightens its grip – darkness is the onlyconcern. On the far North tip, sits the rebel fighter Jstor, her hands lightly pressing down onto the recently stolen NINJA SCROLL. Sweat running over the burning circuits rotting in her flesh. From here, she is perched high in the shadows of the spike, rising up behind her in a thin smoothstructure from the cold deep earth into a point over ten miles high through the burning atmosphere. The rebel Jstor is fighting with her thoughts amongst the noises from below. In under four minutes from now she will destroy this planet and everything that infests it, but she knows she isnot the first to declare her love in this way to this burned out utopia and to have failed in its obliteration. Staring down at the devils caped in madness she begins to muse that every living thing has had its use – Stavrogen must be turned to ruin or it will continue to grow stronger infecting everything it drifts into. Jstor straps the NINJA SCROLL into her chest armour and pushes herself back into the spike. Tapping a broken finger on a small display sewn into the skin on her arm she sends two signals. The first plots an irreversible and fatal course for the disk known as Stavrogen. In 230 seconds from now the pressure between the two poles of the closest stars will fight for Stavrogen, like two ravaged dogs fighting for a bone, pulling it and everything on it into a billion molten pieces. The second signal pushed into the display sets a vice like grip into Jstors body fastening her to the spike and moving her off this world at a speed. Her body instantly hits paralysis and brain hasceased to function as she exits through zero point gravity. Jstor has become a suspended corpse with a 0.1% chance of survival. She is spat into clear space as Stavrogen is sucked away underneath her into the galactic abyss.

ClashTone are an unlikely four piece act that merged in late 2018 to fill a void in the world of Drum and Bass. Eatbrain Label owner and D&B heavy weight Jade found himself curiously interested by the new musical demos’ of three almost obscure Londoners – Terror, Jolliffe and Mai DaVael. Terror previously being one half of the immensely successful Modestep – ClashTone marks his first musical outing since having made his departure from the band. The four producers set out to put music at the front of their writing and pin it down with the power and energy of DNB. The international collaboration gives you the gritty realism of London Town with the truly dark reeses and bass rips and drama found in the mainland European raves and dancehalls. This first EP takes you on an unbroken journey that evokes emotion and pushes the listener to the depths of the soul. Strap in and get ready for the ride through 2019 with a non stop assault on the senses.