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Circuits – Nervous System EP – Critical Music

Circuits continue to build on their future take on underground sonics with their latest offering. InsideInfo and Kasra step from the rough tech of title track ‘Nervous System’ to the ethereal majesty of ‘Unbroken Loop’ and the heads down roll of ‘Wingwalker’, ensuring the Circuits are well and truly switched on for 2020.

Another impressive release up to the standards that we’ve come to expect from Critical Music. In case you don’t know, Circuits is the new collaborative project from InsideInfo and Kasra. They’ve been delivering a steady supply of EPs and singles over the past few years such as the ‘Organizer’ Circuits Rewire of the Spectra Soul classic. Still in heavy rotation worldwide

Let’s dig into these grooves.

The EP’s namesake ‘Nervous System’ is a clean tight minimal tech stepper with those spot on, in the pocket snares (not too sharp and not too flat….juuuust right) in conversational dialog with that precision growling sub style that follows Kasra around on so many productions. An added layer of effected keyboards in the background with a smooth vocal sample garnish. A dark ride through an abandoned city scape at night.

The theme continues with the very soundtrack sounding ‘Unbroken Loop’ which conjures mood out of minimal hi-hat snare and a fairly basic bass line that carries the ride. The action here is in the textures chatting in the background. A real good headphone track for all you audiophiles out there. Vocal overtures, fills and layer after layer of moody synths. The key line rising and falling almost unnoticeably in the back of it. Takes you on a trip and yer home before you know it.

Eerie 70’s sci fi movie keyboards and dystopian future radio broadcast bring in a heavy crunchy drop that gets even heavier after a few bars. And then changes key and gets even grimier after a few more. Breakdown back to the background noise of satellite dishes listening to space noise. Until the the message is received. I think the aliens sent us a signal here and we just think it’s Drum & Bass.

‘Wing Walker’ is a dance floor driver if I’ve ever heard one. Snare and hi-hat triplet drive it hard with turbo boost from a bass line that sounds like gravel enough to pave a driveway with it. Great vocal fills, variations and phrase changes that keep you guessing and listening as you dance. Almost like someone is trying to hypnotize you while you dance. You don’t mind do ya?





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